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4 Human Body Enigmas That Can Enthral Any Biology Student

Learning about life has always fascinated me.

My five years old inquisitive brain was always confused about why my mother did not look like my father. And when I grew 10, I wanted to know why my brother looked different from me. After all, my mother convinced me to let my brother share my room because he is MY brother.

My childish brain could not understand why my family members did not look or behave like me. Since then, I have found biology a bit mind-boggling. However, it was my confusion that fuelled my curious mind.

It took me days, months, and years to understand this subject’s beauty. Biology, in my opinion, is beautiful. It is mesmerising to know how that pimple on your face pops up on its own and bursts out on its own. It is enthralling to learn why I have curly hair, and my mother has straight hair (which I am quite jealous about, though).

And if you think biology boggles your mind as well, you need to pour through this guide. Here you will learn four human body basics, and understand how amazing a human body is. So, let’s get down to the meat of the matter without any further ado.


  1. The Uniqueness of Your Fingerprints 

Get your eyes off this screen and look at your fingers. Can you see those swirly patterns on your fingertips? If you compare your patterns with someone else’s, you will find that all prints are unique. And if you are a thriller movie freak you will know how those forensic scientists collect fingerprints to find criminals. This is because every fingerprint is unique. The patterns on our fingertips were created to provide touch sensitivity to our fingers.

Your fingerprints were formed when you were a foetus of 17 weeks in your mother’s womb. A baby inside a mother’s womb is subjected to pressure that the baby resists by their fingertips. Then other components like developmental and genes also affect how those patterns will be formed. Even the length of the umbilical cord has a part to play in designing your fingertips with those unique patterns.


  1. The Role of the Appendix

If you have ever witnessed the pain of your close ones caused due to appendicitis, you would definitely start hating the organ appendix. The appendix is a tiny, pouch-like sac located two-thirds distance from your navel. And internally, it is located on the lower right-hand side of your abdomen. When this small sac starts growing in size, it causes appendicitis. And once it starts growing, the excruciating pain can make any person go mad, which they can get rid of by undergoing an appendectomy.

An appendix is a vestigial organ (an organ that does not have any worth in the proper functioning of a human body). It is basically an organ that you do not need to survive. For many years, scientists have tried their intelligence and study in understanding the function of this organ; plant-eating human ancestors required it to digest food. However, the appendix lost its importance with evolution as we no longer consume plants directly. And lately, it has been discovered that this pouch houses a host of good bacteria and does no good to us.


  1. The Magic of DNA 

Your body is built of cells, from the follicle of your hair to your toenails. Of course, you cannot see the cells because they are microscopic in size, but they are the building blocks of your body! And these cells have a complete set of 46 chromosomes in every cell of your body. And within these chromosomes lie all the genetic material that determines the structure of your body. Everything you are today (I mean how you look) is because of your DNA. And everything I am today (look-wise), is because of my DNA.

Simply put, DNA is the genetic material with all your hereditary information. And it is through replication, mutation, and transcription that your body is formed, and every feature of your body is highlighted. Through the replication process, the information from parents gets replicated and transferred to the daughter cells and then to the next generation. So, it is all about the mixing and matching that takes place inside the DNA that made my brother look different from me.


  1. The Red Colour of Blood

If you have been told to this day that the colour of your blood is red because of the presence of iron and the protein haemoglobin, you were misguided. The reason is different and quite strange. A structure is formed when oxygen and iron bond with the protein haemoglobin. The iron molecules then form a ring to bind with the haemoglobin molecules, causing the iron and haemoglobin to form a ring-like structure. This ring-like structure, also known as porphyrin, gives blood its red colour. Then you might think about where the oxygen molecules go. Well, the molecules of oxygen bind with porphyrin to form a structure that makes blood cells acquire an even more vivid shade of red.

So, in reality, the shape of the porphyrin ring makes the blood look red and not the presumed colour of iron molecules. Does this make sense?


Since you are now thorough about the basics of your existence, you can use this knowledge to water your desire to learn more about biology. Also, I hope your misconception about biology being boring has now been remedied.

Biology is different from the other subjects. It reveals the secrets of your existence and functioning as a human being. Although the explanations sound illogical initially, digging deeper can bring the real scenario.

On that note, here are four tips to ensure that your biology assignments can beat your class topper’s ones.


4 Tips to Ensure Your Biology Assignments are of A-Grade Quality


  1. Dedicated 

Dedication bears sweet fruit for you. If you truly care about your work, you will inadvertently do it with rapt attention. With dedication, you can bring out the best version of yourself as a student. By this, I meant your analytical, research, writing, cognitive thinking, and time management skills. With this, we move to the next vital quality, time management.


  1. Manage time 

Managing time makes your life a lot simpler and more coordinated. The benefits of time management are incalculable. Time management is all about allocating a definite amount of time to all your tasks. This way, you can accomplish your tasks better and bring about better results in a shorter time frame. Also, with time management, you will have one task in your head at a time, making you focus on that particular thing. On that note, if you allocate 2 hours to writing the introduction of your biology assignment and give it all your focus, you will definitely turn in an engaging introduction.


  1. No cheating

Have you ever been penalised for submitting plagiarised work? I know how shameful it feels to get a last warning from your professor in front of the class. However, with a time crunch and inadequate information about a topic, students get tempted by the sea of information on the Internet. Uncontrollably, and due to their greed for grades, students copy-paste data from the Internet to the document.

Nevertheless, it would help if you stopped this habit. Schedule your time according to other activities so that you do not have to tug of war between the assignment on hand and other responsibilities on the other hand. And time management and dedication, you can bring A+ on your own.


In conclusion, 

The four human body basics mentioned in this blog have definitely ignited my desire to learn more about biology. These are just four strange factors discussed above. And there are more such mind-boggling factors that you should know and broaden your learning capacity. As you keep learning, you will only fuel your curiosity, making you learn more about this subject. And as you will make this a habit, you will make better and smart use of your knowledge to deliver information-rich, good-quality biology assignments. It goes without saying you will eventually ace your course and establish yourself as a time-tested biologist.

And if you still need assistance in the process, you can hire biology experts from renowned agencies who can be your guiding light.


Author’s Bio: Hernandez Carrie is a biology assignment writer who is actively associated with Here he offers biology assignment help to students. Moreover, you can enrol in guided sessions and learn more about biology through one-on-one guided sessions.



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