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5 Reseller Hosting Myths you Need to Know


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Reseller hosting includes buying web hosting services from a company, and rebranding them by your name. And then selling them to your customers as your own. So all the hosting services and resources will be bought from one company and then you can customize them into packages of your own to resell. You can either choose Windows reseller hosting or Linux reseller hosting.

Reseller hosting is gaining traction due to its economical costs and easy implementation. You are not responsible for any management or creation of the entire framework. The main web hosting provider determines which measures are needed to ensure the operation’s safety and smooth functioning. Your reseller business does not need a proper location, but can be done globally. Delhi escort service

For business owners who already offer certain services, adding web hosting to it helps bring in additional customers by offering them a complete package. However, it is crucial to choose a web hosting business that is reliable and offers great resources that can enhance your brand by earning a good reputation in the industry.

Unfortunately, there are several myths circulating around reseller web hosting. Let’s check them out and find out if there is any truth to them.

  • Myth 1: You cannot use your own brand name to sell the services

One of the most prevalent myths is that the audience can pick up on the fact that you are a reseller web hosting service. As the majority of people aim to do business with an original web hosting service that has its own resources, there is a possibility of alienating customers. Thankfully, there is no truth to it.

All reseller hosting companies offer the ‘White Label’ option to offer all of their services in your own name, with no trace of the original web hosting company in sight. Hence, there is no way for customers to recognize the fact that you are a reseller hosting company. This turns your company into an individual web hosting service with no ties to anyone else.

  • Myth 2: Customer support will be complicated

Customer support is one of the main elements that customers look for before investing in a business. Several reseller hosting professionals worry about needing to offer technical support which would involve putting together a team to do the same.

In reality, the web hosting company that originally offers the resources is also responsible for providing the technical support. All of your web hosting responsibilities taken care of by the main host. As a reseller, you just have to enjoy the benefits.

  • Myth 3: Reseller hosting does not generate huge profits

The main thing to consider is that reseller hosting would not be so popular if this myth held even a bit of truth. While the market has a lot of competitors in the web hosting business, there are ample benefits as well. After the pandemic, the majority of businesses have recognized the importance of having an online presence.

With it, there has been a steep increase in the requirement for web hosting as well. This is where reseller hosts can capitalize and make huge amounts of profits. All you need to do is buy the services at an economical price, then resell them at a cost that makes a tidy profit.

  • Myth 4: Reseller hosting is a complex process

Any business in the beginning comes along with its own set of challenges and includes a learning process. This makes people believe that the same applies to starting a reseller hosting business.

Fortunately, all of these responsibilities handled by the leading web hosting service including purchasing equipment, and selecting and putting together a team of professionals, among other things. The web hosting service takes care of all the responsibilities and you just have to find the clients and offer them the services.

  • Myth 5: You do not need to have any knowledge about web hosting

This is absolutely not true. While you do not need to have formal education in the business you choose to resell. It is absolutely imperative to have a fair understanding of what you want to offer your clients. You should retain fair knowledge about the intricacies of what you are offering. This will help you keep your customers stick with you and invest in your business further.


While these some of the common myths that most people are confused about regarding the reseller hosting business, this article has helped debunk them all. These should not stop you from starting your own reseller hosting business or continuing one.

You get a choice of Windows or Linux reseller hosting to choose from. If you invest ample effort into understanding the business and learning ways to make it grow. You can rest easy knowing that there will be a guaranteed profit for you to enjoy.

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