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7 Most Popular Board Games In India In 2023

Online board games are more popular than traditional board games. You learn to confront numerous challenges, and that too, on countless levels. So let’s try out innovative ways for steady development and never forget to brainstorm to enhance your skills.

Nowadays, online games grant you the opportunity to win cash prizes. So, you can any day download these games and win real money online. But first, have a basic idea about India’s most popular board games in 2023.

1. Snakes and Ladders Game

You can play it with two to four players who can participate in the snakes & ladders game. The goal of players in the game is to grab the last square on the board as fast as possible. The game involves no skills or no mathematical knowledge a priori. It’s a bit of luck. However, little children can learn simple arithmetic tricks like addition and subtraction through such board games. It is straightforward enough, and you can quickly learn to win it.

2. Ludo Game

The Ludo aspect of the game makes it ever so exciting and thrilling to play and adds the mayhem. You can eliminate the opponent’s token as you do in traditional ludo.

For playing online ludo game with your family members, you must choose the four players and then decide who should take the arms in the game. Next, one should roll the dice to get six to unlock the pawn turn by turn.

Apps like PlayerzPot enable you to enjoy online ludo anytime, anywhere. The platform gives you the freedom from different pots and earns real cash prizes.

Play Ludo on PlayerzPot with 2 to 4 players worldwide, each having their designated token color

3. Online Carrom

With digital transformation, traditional board games diversified. The Digital World can break all barriers of geographical boundaries and the physical unavailability of friends. Moreover, online games provide a healthy distraction from boredom and loneliness.

Online carrom is fast-paced and thus saves your valuable time. The game stimulates your quick thinking ability. It is one of the best board games on the Playerzpot app you can ever try. The game helps you to be fast and sharp. It enhances your analytical ability, sharpens your mind, and makes better predictions.

4. Online Chess

The tricks and traps for chess boards online have always got the appreciation and imagination of chess fans since time immemorial. For a Chess Game Online Play, you must master combinations, ideas, and fascinating concepts to stand the test of time.

Chess improves memory, concentration, logical thinking, independence, prediction, imagination, creativity, and self-motivation. The game immensely impacts Science and Technology, Maths, Research, Art, Psychology, and Travel.

5. Call Break Game

The rule of call break game demands that every player bid two tricks and increase when they are confident enough to win the game. You must play the card belonging to the same suit. 

Use the trump card if players lack cards from a similar suit. Cards are ranked from highest to lowest in the Call Break Game. Thus, King, Ace, Queen, ten, and Jack is the order followed here. To win the bid, you must aim to throw one card higher in value than your opponents and win an equal number of tricks.

6. Dino Run

Do you know the game turned the no internet screen into a never-ending obstacle race? Yes, the dinosaur game you used to play when suddenly your office announced a poor net connection. A sudden break from work when we used to lazily fool around while playing this game. But it did have its share of thrills, no? 

If you find yourself enjoying it, do play a more magnificent version. It’s called the Dino Run game, and if you have the PlayerzPot app downloaded to your phone, you can play it from anywhere, anytime. Add themes and weapons per your wish, and even play a 3D version of it.

7. Online Poker

Online poker is much more than just a fun play at the tables. Don’t simply count outs and assess pot odds. Do more than that. So, start playing poker games online only when you have gathered enough tips and tricks to win them. As an ace poke player, you will earn more than just cash; it will improve your life in many ways.

The poker rule implies that the best five-card wins the pot out of the seven cards. It may look challenging at the beginning. But you should learn to ace your life problems.

Final Thoughts 

Board games enhance logical reasoning, critical thinking, and spatial reasoning skills. It motivates you to focus for lengthier periods and boosts your confidence to win.

They involve various strategic, psychological, and mathematical elements. You improve your skills, which in turn helps you to make the right decision in any professional and personal situation.

Playerzpot is good for quick matchmaking, high-end payment security, real cash prizes, great experience, responsible gaming, fair play policy, dedicated customer support, and fastest withdrawals.








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