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8 Common Types of Socks in the Market | 2023

8 Common Types of Socks in the Market | 2023

Types of Socks: When dressing up, people mostly focus on tops, pants, shoes and accessories. Socks need to be given more thought when picking the outfit. Nevertheless, choosing the right socks to go with the rest of the outfit is very important for the overall look. And hence, depending on the occasion and the different dressing styles, there are just as many types of socks to match them, too: ankle socks that highlight the sneakers or novelty socks that steal the limelight.

This article covers some of the most common types of socks sold online.

Different Types of Socks

Knee-High Socks

Knee-high socks are very long and usually go up to the knees of the person wearing them. Many people with diabetes use these socks to prevent swelling of the feet and provide support. They come with moisture-wicking abilities, extra padding and low-profile seams.

Calf Socks

Calf socks are very in trend among women’s fashion and can bring out the life of a woman’s outfit. Using calf socks can add more colours to your wardrobe choices. They go best with dresses, shorts and skirts, and boots or high heels. Keep in mind to wear socks that match your tops. These socks are very cosy to wear during winter, thanks to their warmth and comfort.

Ankle Socks

Ankle socks help in covering only your feet and limiting themselves only up to your ankles. These socks are best worn during summer and go well with casual footwear like sneakers and athletic shoes and can be worn by both men and women for exercising or casual purposes.

Quarter Socks

These socks are a tad bit longer than the ankles socks. They usually touch the shin of the people wearing them. These socks can go a long way in helping you avoid blisters on your Achilles heel. They can also help people with nerve damage, poor circulation, cold feet and diabetes. But apart from that, these shoes are a matter of style and preference.

Crew Socks

These are the most common types of long socks worn by people and are often worn during colder seasons and when exercising. These socks can reach half a foot above the ankles and hence can be worn by people with diabetes too. Apart from serving as casual socks, these socks, in many situations, can be used as dress socks for formal events too.

Mid-Calf Socks

As the name suggests, these socks extend up to the mid-section of the calf and hence are suited to be worn during winter. These socks are usually made of wool, making them durable and keeping the feet warm while wicking any sweat away. You can wear these socks for exercising and casual and formal events.

Thigh-High Socks

These socks were originally designed for the people of Scotland but are almost exclusively worn by the ladies today. They reach right up to the thighs of the person wearing them. Hence they are perfect to be worn with dresses, shorts and skirts. You could look for novelty socks with designs and patterns that add flavour to the overall outfit.

No-Show Socks

These socks are very thin and light and offer great sweat-absorbing and protective functions when paired with footwear with open sections where the posterior parts of the feet are left exposed for design and style, like in the case of boat shoes or loafers. Both women and men can wear these socks. To ready more allarticle, visit here.

Final Remarks

As you can see, there is no dearth of options when it comes to the different kinds of socks available for you to choose from. From traditional crew socks to novelty socks, there are enough options to look for to cater to your requirements.



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