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Are Dentures Worn for 24 Hours?

Will wearing dentures alter my speech?

Following the installation of dentures, we can have trouble pronouncing some words. If so, practice speaking the challenging words aloud. Dentures Madison MS will get used to speaking properly with dentures with time and practice.

Call the dentist if the dentures “click” as we speak. Occasionally, the dentures could fall out when we laugh, cough, or smile. Biting down and swallowing carefully will help us realign the dentures. See a prosthodontist or dentist if a speech issue continues.

Are Dentures Worn Round-the-Clock?

Dental care of Madison MS will receive instructions from the dentist or prosthodontist on how long to wear the dentures for and when to take them off. We could be required to wear the denture constantly for the first several days after getting it, even while we sleep. Although though it could feel uncomfortable at first, this is the easiest technique to locate the denture’s potential problem spots. After corrections are made, take off the dentures before retiring for the night. As a result, saliva and the tongue can stimulate and clean the gum tissues as usual. In the morning, the denture can be placed back in the mouth.

Is a Denture Adhesive Necessary?

Under the following conditions, a denture adhesive may be taken into consideration:

  • to increase satisfaction with a denture that is appropriately made. Adhesives improve bite power, stability, retention, and a person’s sense of security.
  • to help those who have dry mouth disorders that make it harder for them to wear their dentures, such as people who are taking cold medicines, people who have neurological conditions like strokes, and the elderly.
  • to offer additional stability and security for people who use their facial muscles in unique ways, as such public speakers or musicians.

When Must Denture Adhesives Not Be Used?

Denture adhesives shouldn’t be utilized in several circumstances. These situations include:

  • when it is applied as a “fix” for dentures that don’t fit properly or are made incorrectly. Contact the dentist right away if the dentures start to feel loose, hurt, or cause sores to appear.
  • If a dentist hasn’t examined dentures in a while. Dentures Madison MS is supported by the jawbone and gum tissue, both of which degrade and shrink with time. As a result, the true issue can be that new or adjusted denture are required.
  • when oral hygiene habits are not maintained.


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