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Are purchased YouTube comments from real people?

We have seen buying youtube views and likes. But did you know youtube comments can also be purchased? Yes, it’s true. Every YouTuber aims to be popular on youtube. have a great number of views, likes, comments and subscribers. But achieving these really can take decades. So, most youtubers are opting for youtube growth services. Inflating channel statistics using bots or real people. Again, using bots is legal and can get your account flagged. Buying youtube comments is nothing wrong. Giving a headstart to your account and promoting it to get maximum output is a way to put it. 

Are youtube comments purchased from real people? In this blog, we will help you to increase your channel’s comments safely and organically. And answer the above question.

Why buy youtube comments?

YouTube frequently promotes content that is seen as trending. Videos with plenty of comments are popular and may frequently be suggested to viewers interested in the subject matter. Besides many comments, high-quality content can boost your channel’s credibility, keep you at the top of youtube charts and trend your videos.

There are thousands of other youtubers who post content on youtube. With this kind of competition, gaining the needed traction in your channel is tough.

The more comments you have, the more probable it is that the algorithm on YouTube will promote your channel to other users.

  • To increase engagement
  • To improve the public’s perception of their brand.
  • Easy form of advertising one’s account.

Where to buy?

Choosing the correct website like to purchase YouTube comments from is crucial. You can review their packages if you’ve found a company.

These typically range in price from inexpensive ones that provide 10 or 20 comments to more expensive ones that provide hundreds of comments.

Then, all you have to do is enter the URL of your YouTube video to ensure that the comments get to the right place, pay using a secure credit card system, and wait for the comments to begin coming in.

This typically starts 24 to 48 hours after the purchase.

Is it safe to buy comments?

YouTube’s fake engagement policy strictly states that YouTube prohibits any activity that intentionally boosts the number of views, likes, comments, or other metrics. 3 strikes within 90 days will result in the termination of your channel.

Youtube will notice the sudden influx of bot comments on your videos. Many websites advertise selling youtube comments, but these are not genuine. Such fraudulent comments from YouTube bots can harm your YouTube channel’s reputation. Steer clear from them.

On the other hand, buying authentic, high-quality comments is always safe. Choose providers that offer extremely high-quality, efficient, discreet, and safe services. Viral marketing campaigns are rarely recognised or penalised.

So, you can get youtube comments from phoney websites, which is illegal but easy and quick. But we advise you to buy comments from authentic websites which offer comments from real people. So, yes, youtube comments purchased can be from real people. 

But remember that these genuine comments might not always result in subscribing. Most likely, you will not see much increase in subscribers.

You might have heard it’s wrong to buy youtube comments, views etc., but it is not if it’s in a legit way. Many popular YouTubers do this, and you can do it too. Be cautious when choosing the provider, and do not fall for scams.



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