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Automechanika Birmingham and IMI announce EV Training Academy feature to help businesses prepare for the future

The largest UK auto exhibition, Automechanika Birmingham, will now include a training program focused on updating attendees on the latest electric vehicle (EV) industry developments. Every day of the convention, participants can attend a series of 30-minute training courses hosted by the EV Training Academy in partnership with the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) and Our Virtual Academy (OVA).

Attendees can get hands-on with two sample vehicles on display to learn more about the prospects of EVs, acquire crucial insights and information, and ask EV experts anything and everything about hybrids and EVs.

The training session will have lessons for new and experienced technicians to benefit everyone. The Essential EV Training session will talk about how to turn off high-voltage power using a low-voltage service disconnect, which is a method that vehicle makers are using more and more. The proximity pilot circuit utilized in Type 2 plug-in charging systems, which charge plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles, will be covered in Advanced EV Training.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) reported record demand for used EVs in 2022, despite an 8.5 percent drop in used car transactions.

Compared to 2021, sales of battery electric vehicles (BEVs), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) all went up by 37.5%, 8.6%, and 3.6%, respectively. If you want keen to know detailed information about the difference between electric and hybrid vehicles, read a blog by a team of professionals from PitStopArabia

As the demand for alternatively-fueled cars continues to grow, it’s important for independent garages and workshops to keep up with the latest EV training, tools, equipment, and trends to make sure they’re ready for the electric future.

Essential EV Training will allow attendees to learn about isolating high-voltage power using a low-voltage service disconnect, a solution that vehicle makers are using more and more.

During this training session, this solution will be compared to others, its function and operation will be explained, and some tips for disconnecting and reconnecting the device during the high-voltage isolation process.

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During the Advanced EV Training workshop, businesses can learn about the proximity pilot circuit used in Type 2 plug-in charging systems.

Type 2 is the most popular way to charge plug-in hybrids and electric cars, and like any other electrical system, there are plenty of ways for it to go wrong. In these sessions, we’ll look at the details of Type 2 charging, like wall boxes and the changes between cables, as well as how the proximity pilot circuit works and how it can be tested.

Kristan Johnstone, the project director for Messe Frankfurt, which is in charge of putting on Automechanika Birmingham, says, “We’re happy to be working with the IMI and OVA to give our visitors what they’ve asked for more chances to get practical advice and guidance on electric and hybrid vehicles.”

“We are sure that the IMI and OVA experts will make sure that visitors learn new tips and tricks, find out more about the opportunities that come with electrification, and get their burning questions about EVs and hybrids answered by the experts by using two vehicles and having both beginner and advanced sessions.”

“This focus on EV skills is great news,” said Steve Nash, CEO of the IMI. “Our latest data shows that by 2030, 103,000 IMI TechSafe-qualified technicians will be needed in the UK alone to work with electric vehicles.” But right now, there could be a shortage of 4,500 trained technicians by 2029, which could grow to 16,000 by 2032.



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