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Ballet West: The Premier American Ballet Company

Ballet West
Ballet West, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is the premier American ballet company, highly esteemed by audiences worldwide for over 60 years. The company was founded in 1963 by Willam Christensen and has since established a rich history of artistic excellence. Its reputation as one of the leading professional ballet companies in the United States is due to its diverse and captivating repertoire each season, ranging from classical works to those by contemporary choreographers. Ballet West’s exceptional dancers bring their unique artistic talents and backgrounds to create dynamic and innovative performances that entertain and inspire audiences.


Ballet West’s commitment to artistic excellence extends beyond its performances, as it has programs designed to develop the next generation of dancers, share its artistry with communities nationwide, and provide access to great ballet performances for people of all ages. These programs include a student program, a youth ballet program, and a national touring program. Get Your Tickets from here: https://www.tickets4musical.com/ballet-west-tickets Ballet West Tickets Ballet West is the largest professional ballet company in the inter mountain region and has a long-standing tradition of excellence in ballet. It currently has 28 professional dancers, 20 company apprentices, 15 trainees, and a corps de ballet comprising its most talented and experienced dancers. The company is well-known for hiring dancers from around the world, allowing them to train and perform alongside top professionals.

Ballet West’s productions

Ballet West’s productions have been celebrate worldwide, including its annual performances of The Nutcracker, which feature more than 100 dancers and a full orchestra. The company is also renown for its original ballets, which include works by Kim Robards Dance, Adam Sklute, and Susan Shields, among others. With a diverse selection of traditional and contemporary ballets in its 2022/2023 season, including “Snow White,” “The Wedding,” “Spring Soirée,” “Dracula,” and “Firebird,” there is something for everyone at Ballet West.

Tickets for Ballet West

Tickets for Ballet West performances can be purchase through Tickets4Musical, an official ticket provider for the company. Tickets4Musical offers affordable prices and a variety of seating sections, making it easy for individuals and groups to attend Ballet West performances. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness one of the best American ballet companies in action. Get your Ballet West tickets today and experience the beauty of ballet like never before.



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