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Did you know that your insurance can cover you if your phone breaks?


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Like any other device, a mobile phone can suffer a breakdown or any other mishap. But protecting it is easier than you think. Even with home insurance, which can cover mobile phone breakage among its coverages? We tell you how insurers consider these claims and what protection they offer to your mobile.

If you want to have complete and cheap home insurance, go to our home insurance comparator. You will be able to compare prices in 10 insurers in just 1 minute. But also check what coverage is included -such as mobile phone breakage- and under what conditions. In addition, you will have free advice, if you wish.

MAPFRE: home insurance: your technology, at all risks

MAPFRE home insurance includes in its Platinum Home and Family Home policies the option of incorporating All Technological Risk coverage into the home insurance. With it, telephone, computer and image and sound devices are protected in the event of accidental breakage. It is not the only guarantee that MAPFRE offers to protect your assets in the event of an accident. Your All Risk coverage also includes an All Accidental Risk that allows you to include all those objects expressly excluded from damage coverage: broken frames, moldings, decorative objects, lamps, glassware, crockery, tableware in general, and broken screens and components. optical apparatus or instruments.

Zurich: home insurance with all accidental risk coverage

Zurich is another of the few insurers that include an accidental all risk guarantee in their home policies. In your case, it is only available in the Total Home modality (either for your main home or second home insurance). In this case, material damage to the insured property is covered, in cases not contemplated in the rest of the guarantees. That is, when the direct cause is accidental – that is why they do not cover repairs. Nor do they respond to cases of superficial deterioration (scratches, scratches, etc.) nor do they cover those objects that are excluded in the rest of the guarantees.

Generali: the most comprehensive protection in home insurance

Generali stands out from the competition by offering comprehensive home insurance. So complete that it is possible to contract (in addition) a specific guarantee to protect your mobile: Protection for your mobile phone. This contemplates the accidental damages that the mobile may suffer. In addition to repairing it, if it is not possible, they offer the replacement of the terminal for another with similar characteristics. They are also covered in their theft guarantee, by assuming the fraudulent use that they may make of the mobile, if they take it during a forced entry into your home. And if they rob you outside your home and take it away, you have compensation of up to 250 euros to replace it. In addition, Generali includes mobile phones in its Comprehensive Technological Services, providing remote help if you have questions about the use of your device.

Reale: protection in case of breakage (and theft)

Reale is a fairly complete option if you are interested in your home insurance also protecting devices such as mobile phones. In addition to being able to count on compensation for accidental material damage (in these and other insured goods) thanks to its Accidental Breakage coverage, you can have extra protection against theft. Because this guarantee is extended to theft outside the home and specifically includes both smartphones and tablets and laptops. They also cover their fraudulent use, paying for the calls.

An alternative: Caser Mobile Phone Insurance

If after reviewing the small print of your policy you have verified that your company does not cover the breakage of a mobile or has an optional All Accidental Risk guarantee, you can always choose to protect it with specific insurance as Caser does.

This policy has a large number of basic coverages that cover all possible claims: falls (repairing the phone if it has stopped working afterwards), blows (impacts on the casing and screen) and liquid spills. But in addition, they offer a Compensation for irreparability of the terminal. If they cannot repair it, they compensate you with the market value of it at the time of the accident (a concept similar to the market value of a car).

If this protection is not enough for your smartphone, you can extend it by adding some optional guarantees. Its theft coverage is especially attractive, as it includes compensation equivalent to the market value of the mobile in the event of theft or robbery and up to 2,000 euros to cover possible fraudulent calls, both national (including pay phones) and international. And in addition, they assume the cost of duplicating the SIM.

And if you are one of those who cannot part with a mobile for a single day, for professional reasons, you can contract the replacement Mobile guarantee. You will be able to have a standard mobile while yours is repaired due to having suffered some accidental damage.

Does home insurance cover screen breakage?

When you insure the contents of your home in a multi-risk policy, you are protecting your assets in case they suffer material damage in the claims covered by the policy. In other words, if your insurance covers theft, and one of the objects that is stolen when you break into your home by force is a smartphone, its value will be considered when calculating compensation.


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