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Differentiate Between Test Management & Test Case Management

Are you new to the IT world and struggle with understanding the difference between Test management software and Test Case Management? Worry not,  because we are here to your rescue. Both test management and test case management are parts of testing. In this article, we will discuss the differences between their functions and features, so stick to the end.

Test management software

Test Management Tools

Test management tools, also known as test management software, are the testing software which assures quality process and reduces the manual testing efforts. These tools help ensure a proper test coverage exists for requirements at API and GUI level. Test management involves taking in the project requirements, building test plans, writing the tests and capturing the results. 

Test management tools make sure that the areas of risks and importance are more focused as the software projects get even more complex and interwined. 

Why is test management necessary

  • Priorortising the tests
  • Regulates compliance in industries involving regular entries like medical industry
  • Deciding when the product is ready to be delivered
  • Reducing the duplication of data
  • Improving the coverage of manual tests

Examples of test Scenarios

  • Checking the payments functionality
  • Checking the Login Functionality

Examples of test management tools

  • PractiTest
  • Zephyr Scale
  • Xqual

Test Case Management Tools

Test Case Management Tools are the software required for testing activities of a particular feature. They help to manage testing activities such as test cases, requirements, test execution, reporting and tracking. They help to reduce the duplication of data; occurred traditionally when tests, requirements and defects are managed in a silo.

It ensures all from business analysts to testers, developers and QA managers have one single view of the progress being made.

Why is Test Case Management Necessary?

  • Helps to create and save test cases all in one place
  • Test case management tools allow multiple users to connect in real time
  • It can also help to enhance collaboration by bringing the stakeholder together in real time

Examples of test case scenarios

  • Checking system behaviour when email id and password are left blank and account is signed in
  • Checking if ‘Forgot Your Password’ is working as expected

Examples of test case management tools

  • TestLink 
  • Testlodge
  • qTest

Differentiate Test Management & Test Case Management

Let’s discuss the difference between test management and test case management and their features.

Test Management  Test Case Management 
Test management tools are softwares that helps to organise the test plans and boost the efforts of testing software. Test case management tools help to manage testing activities like test cases, test requirements, etc,.
They can be used to test functionality of any feature. They are just used to test the functions of specific features.
It helps in agile testing of end-to-end functionality. It involves extensive testing of applications.
It requires a few resources and time for creating and test execution. It requires more resources, time and effort for documentation and test execution.
They are high level actions. They are low level actions.
They are usually derived from artifacts like BRS and SRS. They are mostly derived from test scenarios.
They are more focused on what to test. They are equally focused on what and how to test.
Test scenarios include an end-to-end functionality to be tested. Test cases include data, test steps and expected results for testing.
There is always a possibility of ambiguity in the test. There is no ambiguity in test case scenarios.
Example of test scenario

  • Checking the search functionality
Example of test case scenario

  • Checking the system behaviour when a valid email id password is entered.
Example of test management tools

  • PractiTest
  • Zephyr Scale
  • Xqual
Example of test case management tools

  • TestLink 
  • Testlodge
  • qTest


In the former sections, we have discussed what are test management and test case management tools and the difference between them along with different scenarios. We hope your doubts and queries would have resolved by now. If you have any further query or any suggestion to make, drop a comment below and we would try to reach out as soon as possible.

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