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Direct from Instagram: how to use it and best practices

“Send me a DM” or “Call me in direct!” are very common phrases in the daily lives of those who use Instagram direct, especially those who produce professional content on this social network. Whether for personal use or commercial use, it is essential to know how this functionality works, what are the features available within it, and the ideal way to take advantage of it? Direct from Instagram

There are people who prefer to focus their attention on comments on publications (feed posts, Stories, and Reels videos), as this is one of the main ways to increase profile engagement and expand the display of posts in user feeds ( followers and non-followers). Ledo mistake to think like that, see?!

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What is direct on Instagram?

Instagram Direct or Instagram DM is the section/menu that allows you to send direct messages to one or more people, that is, it is a private communication feature that Direct from Instagram has on its platform.

It works as an individual or group chat that concentrates text, audio or video conversations and allows you to make calls (audio or video). Something you certainly do on other social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or TikTok. The difference is that in direct you can use some stickers from the Story as part of the messages (GIF, avatar and selfie) or create a complete Story (all available stickers) within the DM.

(Main screen and internal screen of an Direct from Instagram conversation)
In addition to being able to send photos or videos from your cell phone’s media library or from a computer, you can also send these items directly from Instagram:

  • feed posts from any profile;
  • temporary photos and videos (taken at the time of submission);
  • Instagram profiles (by mentioning with @ or clicking on “Share this profile”).

Why use Instagram Direct?

According to a report by We Are Social and Hootsuite, Instagram is the third most used social network in Brazil and has an average of 122 million uk users. That alone is enough reason for companies and digital marketing professionals to know that their audience must be there. Of all the apps, Instagram direct is the only one that allows for one-on-one conversations.

It provides agile communication, individual attention to each client, and personalization of frequently requested information. Treating well a user who sends a DM — follower or not — is like serving well a possible customer who enters a store to ask questions, but still has no intention of buying.

So, the main reason to use Instagram Direct is that it allows you to create a close relationship with each person so that they feel “heard” and have more confidence in the brand. As a result, the company is more open to selling directly.

Where is the Instagram direct

When logging into Instagram, you will see in the upper right corner of the application (or website) the symbol of a paper airplane or a conversation bubble. Direct from Instagram

Standard and current version Instagram Direct icons

The first option is the standard one, with basic features – such as taking Instagram online – and which have existed on the platform since its inception. The second has integration with Facebook Messenger and other features such as:

  • chat background visual theme;
  • reply to specific messages (we’ll teach you more below);
  • save some conversation messages as a shortcut to a routine reply;
  • shopping orders.


How to send direct on Instagram

To send direct messages on Instagram, just click on the icon in the upper right corner (shown in the previous topic) and on the write a new message icon. Then, type in the “To” section the name of the profile you want to contact and then click on “Chat”.

Tutorial on how to send direct on Instagram

(Step by step to send a Direct on Instagram)
Another way to send DM on Instagram is to go to the profile you want to contact and click on the “Message” button. Very practical, right?

How to delete direct from Instagram

It is possible to delete messages from a conversation with someone in Instagram direct, so the recipient no longer sees what he had already received. This is for cases where you send a text or other inappropriate content and need to delete it, for example.

To delete Direct from Instagram it’s easy: press the message you want to delete and then click on the text “Cancel sending” that will appear in the sequence. In the Direct version of Instagram with Messenger, the option appears under “More > Cancel Send”.

Cancel message sent in Instagram Direct

Want to simply delete the entire conversation made with a profile? It is also possible! But be aware that this action will permanently delete both the messages you sent and the messages the contacted profile sent you. Follow this step-by-step:

on mobile: choose the conversation from the list of Direct Message messages; drag it from right to left; click on the option “More > Delete” and then on “Delete” again.
on the computer: click on the icon with the letter “i” in the upper right corner of the conversation with the user and then select the option “Delete chat”.
delete direct from instagram

Deleting chat from DM Instagram

How to reply to a specific message in Instagram direct
To reply to a specific message in an Instagram Direct conversation, that is, to associate your reply with a specific message, you must have the updated version of the DM. It works identically to Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp itself. It works like this:

  • choose the message you want to reply;
  • press the message until the text “Reply” appears, and click on it;
  • enter the reply associated with the specific message;
  • click “Send”.

Best practices for using Instagram Direct

Did you like the features of Direct on Instagram and are you already thinking about contacting all your followers? Calm down! It is important to be careful with all contact made so as not to be an invasive profile or “pamphlet” products/services without contextualization. We can consider good practices:

respond to all contacts, even if it is to indicate that your question is answered by another channel;
not to send unsolicited messages (SPAM);
take advantage of stories interactions to respond to users who respond with text (relationship, remember?);

set shortcuts for quick answers to frequently asked questions;
maintain a resolutive posture for customer problems, as if the direct were the extension of the SAC (customer service);
create groups only when there is something interesting to offer and the public is interested in participating;

explain in detail what cannot be detailed in a post comment (use links, videos or audio).
As seen, Instagram direct is a direct message tool to communicate individually with users of the social network. In terms of marketing and sales , direct on Instagram gives a business the opportunity to provide personalized service, pay special attention to contacts and create a space to turn questions into sales (providing solutions for “excuses” for not buying).

Also know that interaction with Instagram users, via DM, increases the chances of your profile publications being shown to these people, ok?

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