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Effective Essential Oils To Get Rid Of Oily Scalp

Pollution, dust, and smoke somewhat destroy our hair. It causes our hair to look oily and lifeless. Our Oily Scalp has natural oil to keep it moisturized, but some people’s scalp produces more than usual oil and thus causing the scalp to look more oily. All this excess dust, pollution, and oil production results in an oily scalp.

Every individual in daily life is preoccupied with work and does not have time for adequate hair care. Even if you pay attention to hair care, it is done carelessly, and the oily scalp problem does not fade away. Massaging essential oil on the scalp can be a solution to this. Essential oils are light and nongreasy, which will not make your hair look oily, and with the benefits and utilization of essential oils.

You can simply put together a quick and easy hair care routine that will work well for your hair and scalp. They contain qualities like anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral, providing additional advantages to your scalp. These essential oils also improve blood circulation on the scalp and keep it healthy.

You can either make a serum or masque using mango butter to treat oily scalp woes. Some of the best-known essential oil for the oily scalp are: 



When applied to the scalp, Rosemary oil penetrates deep inside and deeply nourishes the follicles. It helps in the control of oil produced by the scalp. It also helps your hair to become shiny and long. Take a few drops of rosemary oil combined with olive oil and apply them to the scalp, then wash completely.  


Peppermint oil feels light and cool on the scalp. It encourages blood circulation and helps in scalp health. It clears the excess oil accumulated on the scalp, and the essential nutrients are properly distributed in the hair follicles, which promotes hair growth. A few drops of this oil combined with coconut oil is a good blend for your scalp’. 


Lavender oil strengthens hair follicles, improves the scalp’s health, and tackles bacteria, fungus, and oil buildup. It keeps the scalp healthy, which ultimately leads to less hair fall. Dilute it with a carrier oil and use it on your scalp. 


Oil producing gland is balanced by Cedarwood oil. It removes excess oil from the scalp. The anti-fungal and antibacterial help remove bacteria and dirt buildup from the scalp. Combine a few drops of essential oils with shampoo ‘and wash off. 


Eucalyptus has an anti-fungal and antibacterial quality that cures scalp infections. It can also help in clearing excess oil on the scalp. If you have an oily scalp, you can add a few drops of oil to your regular shampoo and use it regularly for better results. 

Since essential oils are highly concentrated it is important to dilute them with suitable carrier oils or butters before application. You can make serum by combining essential oils with carrier oil or make a masque by combining butters like shea butter online with essential oils, apply and wash with mild shampoo. 


It may seem weird to treat the oily scalp with another oil. Still, the essential oil is lightweight and nongreasy, and its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and microbial property helps remove germs, buildup, and dust that causes oily scalp. It grows hair and provides nutrition to the strand. If you are unsure which essential oil to pick up, you should contact your doctor for better suggestions. Make sure you buy authentic essential oils from a trusted seller.

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