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Escape room is an exciting venture for any mystery lover because the very motive of having an escape room is just solving all the clues, hints, and parts of the puzzle to get out of there, and sometimes. It involves a mysterious story too, and that reveals itself with a puzzle you pass on actually. So, all in all, it’s a treat for every mystery lover involved here! You should always know what and how it’s working and how great it is to solve mysteries here because we’ve got some fantastic escape rooms for you to check out.   

We’ve curated a list of some of the most unique and top escape rooms in Bangalore for you guys to check out actually! This is primarily for the mystery lovers out there!  

Here are the 6 top escape rooms in Bangalore for mystery lovers:  


The most extraordinary Breakout Escape Rooms in the whole of Bangalore, there are breakout escape rooms! The best branch of escape rooms that you can be thrilled to enjoy! They offer various escape rooms that are sure to blow your mind! From all the types of themes ready to blow your mind! They have two superior escape rooms with tunes like “Curse OF The Pharaoh” (Egyptian drama) and “Enchanted Forest” (only escape room for children), which are exciting! And then they also have five standard escape rooms, which are great too! 

Breakout escape rooms cater to different age groups and have immersive escape room games. You should be checking them out because these themes ooze the mystery in their workings! They also host Birthday and Bachelorette parties for you to check out! So, you can always enjoy having them escape room themed if you like too!   


Mystery Rooms Bangalore is worth checking out too! They’re great escape rooms. They have five fantastic escape rooms worth going to! The missions are varied! Their names go like “The Hurt Locker – A Bomb Defuse Challenge,” “Lockout – A Prison Break Challenge,” “Abduction – The Final Hour…”, “Cabin In The Woods – The Murder Mystery,” and “The Kon of Kohinoor – A Mission Impossible” for you to check out! 

These are haunting and horrifying, thrilling and exciting, too! So go to their website, read about them, choose your adventure and play amazingly! Have a fun time while at it, though, too! 


Escape Room Original in Bangalore is the first escape room opened in the city, as they claim. They’re incredibly great at what they do and even started the trend of escape rooms in Bangalore! They have four escape rooms at their location. Their name goes like “The Ruins of Hampi,” “The Nuclear Bunker,” “Dragon Glass,” “The Music Room,” etc. 

This is one of the top-notch escape rooms in Bangalore, and you will definitely not be disappointed. You and your friends will have the time of your life in Escape Room Original. They are worth checking out as they’ve taken Indian heritage like in The Ruins Of Hampi and turned it into an escape room adventure which is very respectful and inclusive of them in our culture, and also, it’s worth checking out too!   


These are based in Jayanagar Bangalore and are pretty amazing to play! They have classic escape rooms with many genres of themes like ghosts, clowns, the mission of saving, and even historical ones to love and enjoy! They have seven escape rooms for you to check out! Their names go as follows, “The Asylum,” “Devil’s Den,” and “Trickster’s Trap” right now. 

Four others are in the works and will be coming to you soon! Their names are “Secrets of Ra,” “Mighty fortress,” “Paramilitary,” and lastly, “Task Force,” too! So don’t forget to check them out! Have a little taste with the already established three escape rooms they have available, and if you like them, you can go for more in the future too!   


These have four escape rooms that are great for checking out, too, and are one of the top escape rooms in the city too! Their names include “Escape the Tomb,” “Bank Heist,” “Hidden Temple,” and “The Witches Spell,” too! Go to their website and check out what adventure you like! Or you can also. 

Their prices decrease with the number of players you bring in! So, they’re literally like, “the more, the merrier”! So join your friends and family to enjoy a great weekend together! 

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Lastly, let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and tell us about your experiences and what other escape rooms you guys recommend for us to check out, too, as we would love to know your likes and dislikes!  

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