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Everything about Trojan Hunt India | Cyber Threat Management

Before we deep dive into the topic, let us help you understand some basics about cyber threat management. It is a process that identifies, analyzes, evaluates, and addresses cyber security and related needs of a firm. Since cyber crimes are increasing with each passing day, it is more than a priority for businesses now. And it can only be done through active monitoring. A good cyber security and management company such as Trojan Hunt India actively monitors threats to pinpoint the possible risks and mitigate the same.

So, before you think of availing of these services, you should read this post to make an informed decision:

What does mean by cyber threat management?

Cyber threat management is the service that prevents data breaching. The cyber threat managers also make sure that the firm is equipped with the necessary tools so that they can deal with possible security risks.

These services are for keeping the potential cyber attack risks at a minimum. Additionally, you can reduce the cost that is associated with data breaching. Simply put, any business that wants to respond to data breaching promptly must opt for cyber threat management services offered by professionals such as Trojan Hunt India. This is one of the firms that create frameworks to help businesses detect and respond to cyber issues.

Common challenges of cyber threat management

While creating a solid system of cyber threat management, the manager comes across various challenges. These include the following:

Lack of proper visibility

An organization should never leave any blind spot when it comes to the processes of information security. It can only be done when you know everything about the threat landscape i.e. external as well as internal risks. But due to the lack of visibility, there can be a lack of integration as well.

Lack of proper reporting and insight

An effective and helpful cyber threat management system must consist of KPIs. It is needed to help the cyber security teams so that they can track their abilities to find, detect, and respond to potential security risks. These KPIs should have the ‘mean time to detect risks’ (MTTD) and the ‘mean time to respond’ (MTTR). However, creating the same can be a huge challenge. It is because the threat landscape changes always. Hence, you will find it a bit difficult to have actionable reports and insights.

Shortage of skills

Due to different reasons, most organizations face the challenge of not having well-qualified staff for cyber security. But this challenge can easily be managed by opting for professional service providers such as Trojan Hunt India.

Cyber threat management: best practices

When you ask an expert, they will say that advanced technology is the key to an effective cyber threat management system. Tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation can help firms counter cyber attacks and provide them with the required insights into the cyber threat landscape.

Right from finding out the threats to fixing the data breaches, cyber threat management has the following best practices:


Every business should know its sensitive resources and assets. This is the point where ‘date flow maps’ can truly come in handy. These maps can help businesses to conduct risk assessments to get further insights.


Cyber threat management by Trojan Hunt helps in threat detection. It is needed to help organizations stay active in suspicious activities. This can also help in the prevention of data breaching and related issues.


Whenever a security incident or data breach occurs, a business should be active enough to act instantly. This can only be done when they have implemented a solid response plan designed by a professional cyber threat manager. This type of plan usually includes an effective framework for analysis, alleviation, and continuous improvement in case of a threat.


Cyber threat management also includes planning so that an organization can keep working well even during disruptions. This is businesses must count on professionals only for this work.

How can Trojan hunt India help your company?

To avail of the best cyber risk/threat management services, you must connect with someone who can help you understand the potential threat landscape, and detect, respond, and recover from cyber-related incidents. For this, you must connect with Trojan Hunt India. They will provide businesses with expert help to establish solid plans for maximum benefits.




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