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Eyelash Extensions: Pros, Types, Cost, And Procedure

The beauty industry has come so far in recent years. Today beauty trends have gone beyond colourful eye makeup and give hope to those having thin and short-length eyelashes. Yes, you read it right. There is something that can enhance the beauty of your natural eyelash: eyelash extensions. Sounds interesting? It is! 

Actually, an eyelash extension is an artificial eyelash placed on the natural lash to give them a fuller and more gorgeous look. Women love eyelash extensions because it transforms their look while eliminating the need for eye makeup, such as mascara and eyeliner. But while the idea of eyelash extensions is to simplify makeup routine and enhance the eye’s appearance, there is still a scope of questions, whether they are safe and worth the money.

Fret not; we are here to resolve your query. Read this post and get all the essential information about eyelash extensions.

Benefits of eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions can benefit both customers and artists find out how!

  1. A Knowledge Pool For The Trainees

Eyelash extensions not only benefit the customers, but today, it is also great for artists. When you are an eyelash extension artist or attending lash classes Indianapolis, you connect with lots of people with different skills and ideas, enhancing your knowledge and allowing you to explore more.    

2. Enhance the overall look

Not to mention, eyelash extensions add volume to the natural lash and lift the overall face look. It makes you look younger and enhances your natural beauty without makeup or any other beauty products. 

3. Lift up the eyelashes 

Since they give volume to the natural lash, it is easier to curl them and retain the same look throughout the day. When you curl your lashes, you get a way different look. It is clear that eyelash extension fills the gap between thin lashes and your beauty, ultimately improving your appearance. 

4. Saves time 

As you know, eyelash extensions eliminate the use of makeup since they are complete in themselves; you save a considerable amount of time that was earlier utilised in putting on mascara and eyeliner every day.  

5. No damages 

Unlike other beauty products and treatments, putting on eyelash extensions is a non-invasive procedure that causes no damage to your natural lashes. So during and after the process, you can relax and expect beautiful results. 

6. Completely customizable 

There are several types of eyelash extensions, and you can choose from different sizes and textures to attain a customized look. The straight curls, long, short, or heavy, the look is completely yours to decide.

Types of eyelash extensions

Lash extensions come in three types of material: mink, silk, and synthetic. Most eyelash studios will not ask about your preference and use the type of extension they have. So if you are vegan or allergic to animal hair, be sure to ask about the type of extension they specifically use for you. Mink extensions are not for vegan people, so pay attention to the eyelash used in your eyelash extensions.

But the mink and silk eyelash extensions have a more natural look, while synthetic lashes are denser and darker. With these three categories, there are varying degrees of length and curls. The long and curled eyelash extensions will create a broader effect, and shorter lashes will give your eyes a simple and decent look. 

What is the application procedure?

Eyelash extensions are carefully applied and are a one-time procedure. Basically, they are semi-permanent, where artificial lashes are glued onto the natural lashes to give them a fuller look. The entire procedure is simple and comfortable. However, you can feel uncomfortable in the initial days. 

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Here are the steps that are followed during the eyelash extension procedure

Evaluation- The artist will analyze your eyes and your requirement properly before the application 

Decide on extension length and curl strength – They will ask about the length and the strength of the curls you desire to have 

Cleansing the eyes – The eye area will be cleaned to remove the makeup, oil, and pollutants so the procedure can be followed precisely  

Apply the tape and eye gel – To keep your lower lashes out of the way and provide a safeguard to your face skin, the gel is applied  

Application – Each lash is glued on individual natural lashes using a tweezer

Drying – Your artist will keep you sitting in the salon for some time after the application to dry the adhesive. 

Removing the tapes and gels – Once your lash extension procedure is completed, your tape or gel will be removed 

Planning to get eyelash extensions? The right bet!

They are gorgeous, safe, and also inexpensive. You can get the full treatment for an average of $160. Is it not worth it? Of course, yes, if you want to achieve an attractive look and stand out from the crowd. 

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