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Four Mobile Phone Trends That Take the World By Storm


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Nowadays, the smartphone has become an indispensable part of our lives. As you know, more than 6.6 billion people own smartphones worldwide. It is becoming more than a necessity. There is a massive increase in smartphone usage among people, and it seems like people are getting addicted to it. They use smartphones for their office work, online learning, online shopping, web browsing, watching videos, or staying in touch and connecting with others. People’s usage of smartphones is increasing day by day. They used to spend more time on their smartphones than watching TV. There are many popular trends among smartphone users, but in this article, we are covering four mobile phone trends that are popular among all phone users, and that took the world by storm.


One of the trends that took the world by storm is smartphone cameras. In 2017, of all the photos taken, most people took 85% of the pictures from smartphones while only 7% were from digital cameras. The reason might be that smartphone cameras are becoming the best in the last couple of years, beating traditional digital cameras. As there is a trend of selfie pictures, people prefer smartphones with good-quality cameras. People are looking for phones that can capture high-resolution photos and make their selfies look like professional headshots. In 2021, smartphones with multiple lens systems will become popular. A triple camera setup is in trend in 2022, allowing you to be more flexible with your shots and take a variety of photos, with the selfie camera standardized to 32 MP while the back camera to 50MP as a basic.


Another mobile phone trend nowadays is 5g which is changing the world of mobile app development. It offers excellent connectivity when it works with low, mid, and high bands. This enhanced wireless connectivity enabled the implementation of advanced technologies such as IOT, AI, AR, and cloud computing. Gama said in its Mobile Economy Number report that 5g connections globally would reach 1 billion in 2022. This figure is estimated to double by the end of 2025. This increase in 5g connections is because they are highly efficient and 100x faster than 4G phones.

Moreover, it facilitates the easy transfer of data between the devices. One might develop new features with no worry of affecting app performance. Moreover, these 5g phones provide high resolution and low latency.

Mobile learning

Mobile learning is gaining popularity because mobiles are easily accessible. As everyone possesses a smartphone, it allows people to access information anywhere on the job, at home, or in a group. The use of smartphones for mobile learning has also become a common trend for students. It might be because it is more interactive than other forms of learning, with 360 degrees of learning capabilities and continuous feedback. Mobile learning is 90% effective for students of k12 in 2019. In addition, there is an increase in the trend of mobile learning for business purposes. A study in 2015 by Asia pacific skillsoft revealed that 76% of businesses experience growth due to mobile learning. Moreover, mobile device learning might be a great thing for companies, and it might become the preferred job training method for companies in the future.


Another trend that is famous among mobile phone users is the use of emojis while texting. These emojis are more than smiley faces and have a particular language. A study found that almost 80% of people used emojis while texting. The use of emojis is helping in fostering global relationships. Five billion emojis are sent over Facebook messages daily. An analysis of emojis found that the use of emojis continues to rise, and nearly one in five tweets contain at least one emoji. People use these emojis to facilitate more effective communication as responding with emojis can make it easier to express themselves. In addition, these emojis boost digital messaging personality, and emotions are used as characters showing the weather, vehicle, hearts, etc.

These trends took the world by storm and played a massive role in transforming people’s lives. In addition, some movements like online learning have made a lot of difference in people’s lives by facilitating them and providing ease.

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