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How Businesses Can Use Instagram Stories to Promote Their Business


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Instagram Stories is a new way to share photos and videos. They disappear after 24 hours and can be edited with stickers and doodles. It was launched in 2016 following the unsuccessful purchase of Snapchat. It has become a popular platform for sharing short videos, but it also has advantages for businesses. You can use it to spread the word about your business and promote your products and services. Also, use Insta story viewer Downloader to view insta stories.


The Boomerang app allows you to create boomerang videos from your camera roll and add annotations to them. These Boomerangs can then be shared with your friends or posted on your Instagram Story. You can also choose which Boomerangs you want to share in your Stories. If you are not using Instagram Stories, you can use the Boomerang app on your iPhone to create your Boomerangs.

Boomerang videos can be creative and funny. They can be played back and forth on your Instagram story. If you don’t have the time to make a video, you can also use a video app like AiSchudule to schedule your videos. This can help you grow your Instagram following.

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Text Create

In the Instagram app, users can now add text to their stories. This feature is similar to adding images. To create text posts, users need to open the “Aa” icon in the upper right corner of the screen and choose a text tool. They can then add text in multiple lines and click “Create” or “Post”. Once they have finished adding text to their stories, they can save it or delete it by pressing the three dots.

After adding text, users can adjust its size, color, and style with the text editor. They can also add stickers to their stories. To change the color of their text, they can use the color palette. They can also select a color from an image using the eyedropper icon. They can also choose a photo to use as a background.


If you want to add a fun photo to your Instagram Stories, you can create one with the Photobooth feature. It will allow you to take up to four pictures at once, and you can add filters and effects to each one. The effect will be saved in a photo album, and you can share them in your profile.

Note: visit the online Instagram story viewer tool to watch Instagram stories anonymously.

Photobooth will capture up to four photos per person, with a flash between each. You can also add GIFs and songs to your photos to make them more dynamic and interesting. You can post photos in fun settings and post them in the highlights.


Instagram has added a feature to help you determine whether you are holding your phone straight. When you open the camera window, you will see a grid of nine squares, which will tell you how to level your phone is. This is a helpful feature for determining how to make your photos or videos more attractive.

Another useful feature is the mentions feature. By mentioning popular products and users, you can attract the attention of your target audience. In addition, it allows you to engage with your audience on a one-on-one basis. This can turn your audience into loyal customers.

Adding a location

Adding a location to your Instagram stories is a simple way to attract new followers and increase your reach. Like hashtags, location tags help you reach more people. They also increase your engagement rate. This is a great feature to use in your business, as it can increase local audience and boost business.

You can add your location sticker to the story wherever you want it to appear. Simply pinch and hold with two fingers and adjust the text if needed. Once you’ve added your location sticker, you can begin posting your story. You can also add stickers to your story to increase the engagement of your content.

Centring text

You can centre text in Instagram Stories in several ways. Adding spaces between your text and the photo will help Instagram centre it near the centre of your screen on most phones. However, you may need more spaces depending on how long your text string is. The last thing you want is to have text running off the left side of the screen.

Indenting text with the U+2800 Unicode character is another way to centre text in Instagram Stories. The space characters that you add are not actually necessary to make your text look centred, but they will give it the appearance of centre-justified. For example, if you want to centre a paragraph, use nonbinding spaces. These spaces are different from spaces used in HTML. They will help you get around the glitch in Instagram’s code.

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Adding stickers

Adding stickers to Instagram stories can be a great way to enhance your posts and increase engagement. The app provides an extensive library of stickers that can be used to add a unique touch to your posts. You can choose from stickers that include your location, account name, hashtag, or even gifs. The stickers on Instagram are fully customizable and can even be added to your stories with a few simple clicks.

Adding stickers to your Instagram stories can boost engagement and drive foot traffic. They are also an excellent way to promote events or local businesses. For example, Airbnb uses stickers to advertise its host locations, which can be a great way to generate foot traffic.

Instagram Story Viewer – How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously

The order of your online Instagram story viewer list is determined by the algorithm that determines which people have viewed your story. This algorithm takes into account things like how many times people have visited your profile, how many times they have liked or commented on your story, and other factors. This way, you’ll see the people who have visited your profile most often at the top of the list. Knowing the order of your Instagram story viewer list is critical to your business or marketing strategy.

To download the stories of your friends and followers, you need a tool that allows you to access the story’s URL. While you can’t download videos and photos directly from Instagram, there are a few other ways to view them. The best of these tools don’t require you to sign up, are completely free, and can be used without creating an account. Some of these apps also allow you to look at content from other sources such as YouTube and TikTok.

Regardless of your reason for wanting to view stories from other people, it’s important to know how to find those stories anonymously. This way, you can browse without being followed, and you can download them for private viewing. You’ll find several such tools reviewed in this article. All of these tools allow you to view Instagram stories anonymously, and can even download and share your stories online. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of this tool today!

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