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How Does the ISO 9001 Registration Process Work?

Are you ISO 9001 compliant even if you’ve created the plans, established the quality system, and carried out internal audits? The ISO Registration Procedure will follow, but are you familiar with its precise steps?

Procedure of ISO Registration

The ISO Registration Procedure follows the ISO 9001 audit of your business. To demonstrate that you have complied with the criteria, you must register your business. And in order to accomplish this successfully, you must take eight crucial actions.
  1. Locate a Registrant for ISO 9001
During the two to three months when your business is still developing its quality system. You’ll need to start looking for an ISO registrar. Registrars must follow the guidelines set forth by the ISO Accreditation Bodies. These standards cover topics like independence; for instance, registrars cannot consult. These standards address concerns like independence, with the prohibition on registrar consultation serving as one example. The registration process is uniform thanks to this system. Accreditation bodies update directories of the Registrant organisations that they authorise. On their websites, you can access these directories. By typing the name or initials of the accreditation body into a search engine, you may typically access these websites.
  1. Choose a Registrant for ISO 9001
Choose a registrar with knowledge of the scope category relevant to your industry. When choosing the ideal registrar for you, take credentials, scheduling concerns, costs, and comfort level into consideration. The qualifications of the registrar are an important factor. You’ll discover as you research Registrars that some of them have names that suggest they have very narrow areas of expertise. To be able to certify a business in a specific industrial sector, registrars need to have that sector’s accreditation. The easiest way to assess a Registrar’s qualifications for your industry is to get in touch with them.
  1. Complete an application for ISO 9001.
The company and the registrar will come to an agreement on the application contract. This is a crucial phase in the ISO Registration Process since it spells out each party’s rights and responsibilities, including those related to liability, confidentiality. And access rights.
  1. How to Review Quality Documents
To ensure that all standards are adhered to, the registrar will ask to see a copy of your quality manual and processes. Be sure to leave 2-4 weeks in advance for the registrar to thoroughly analyze all of the required documentation since the ISO Registration Process is not a quick process.
  1. Pre-Assessment Need Determination
This initial, 2-4 week examination of the system identifies any material flaws or omissions, albeit it is optional. It saves time and enables the registrar to identify any problems and handle logistical issues before the assessment audit itself.
  1. Audit the registration assessment.
The ISO audit process involves a physical onsite check of the practises being employed, and if the auditors discover any nonconformities or standards that have not been met, they will report their findings.

Auditing activities for ISO 9001

The activities that take place during the ISO 9001 audit generally go as follows:
  • Opening Conference: a description of your company’s key players and the audit team. Discussed are the audit’s overarching strategy and purview. This is also the opportunity to clarify any details in the audit schedule that are unclear and to announce any last-minute adjustments to the system or timetable.
  • A quick tour of the building: Keep it short; the auditors only need a rough sense of the structure and procedures involved. The pre-assessment is another opportunity to do this.
  • Further document examination: Members of the audit team examine the documentation for the areas they will audit.
  1. Fill out the ISO 9001 Registration form.
Once all findings are included in the ISO audit report and nonconformities are resolved, your company has the option to register as an ISO 9001 conformant. You will receive a certificate, and you can choose to be listed in a register that the company can use to market its registration and your listing. Suggested Read: ISO 9001:2015 Certificate 


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