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How LiveU Managed to Stream Live From FIFA 2022 World Cup?

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 was the most anticipated World Cup ever! The event was unarguably the biggest global sports event and was broadcasted worldwide. Fans eagerly waited to witness every aspect of the game. LiveU technology offers the best viewing experience! Over the past 15 years, LiveU broadcast sol, elections, and political summits around the utions have been used to cover sporting events globe. Instead of being constrained by signal and cabling logistics, it allows the choice of location, creativity, and storytelling to take center stage.

FIFA World Cup 2022: LiveU scoring with usage

LiveU delivered the biggest rollout with a record number of unit bookings covering the World Cup tournament in Qatar. The tournament was covered in live 4K/HD quality by hundreds of LiveU 5G/4G field units.

Over broadcasters from around the world have already used LiveU portable live video acquisition, contribution, and management solutions during FIFA World Cup in Brazil, enabling 360-degree coverage of the event that would have otherwise been impossible.

LiveU’s HEVC technology and its many years of experience  of covering major sporting events have helped successful coverage of the FIFA World Cup 2022.

In the most challenging conditions, LiveU’s HEVC technology worked flawlessly, demonstrating its capabilities for live sports coverage. Customer feedback highlighted its portability and cost-effectiveness, as well as its optimal signal quality in and around stadiums.

Through its innovative technology, LiveU’s crew provided on-site support to customers and assisted with technical aspects directly related to the broadcast. Additionally, LiveU broadcasted from fan zones, allowing millions of sports fans worldwide to engage creatively.

At FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022, LiveU units saw massive numbers

A remarkable LiveU transmission sessions were took place.

Broadcasters and sports organizations used over 1,000 LiveU field units for the tournament. Over 78,000 live streams were recorded, of which 40% occurred over 5G, resulting in the transmission of 62 TB of data. Live broadcasts from Qatar were recorded for over 20,000 hours. It reflects a massive increase in the usage of LiveU units across the board.

LiveU Units used in live streaming FIFA 2022 world cup

LiveU’s cloud-based solutions were also used during the tournament, including LiveU Matrix, which distributed live feeds efficiently via IP clouds throughout the world. Football fans around the world enjoyed a high-quality, reliable 4K viewing experience thanks to LiveU’s 5G IP technology and cloud-based solutions. 

In order to increase efficiency, remote cloud production workflows were deployed, resulting in a reduction in on-site crews and the centralized production of content from home countries. A LiveU LU800 and LU300S were also used for covering the sports event. 

LiveU units were seen everywhere in Qatar, covering the games themselves, interviews with players, interactions with fans, and technical details. Our customers used its remote production workflows and IP distribution to reduce costs and used 5G/4G networks inside and around the stadiums for reliable 4K/HD quality coverage.

Do you want to stream live events reliably? Get the latest models of LiveU in India!

Lamhas offers high-quality, secure, and resilient connectivity solutions to broadcasters, sports organizations, OTT platforms, and other users. We have got a comprehensive range of LiveU models that delivers the best viewing experience to viewers. 

Providing unique match coverage to spectators around the world is made possible through our partnership with LiveU. Reach out to us today to get the best LiveU prices in India.  



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