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How Many Types of Vacuum Cleaners?

Regarding vacuuming, there are many styles that outperform the rest. Instead, people often find themselves drawn to specific types based on their living situation or budget. Please read our guide on the most common styles below to find out which is perfect for you!

But today, you’ve got so many options—some of which come with multi-stage filtration systems for better indoor air quality and zero emissions. 

Others that are cordless if you’re constantly on the go and still more that use innovative technology that makes it easier to keep your home spotless.

There are many Types of Vacuums brands on the market, with various features. With new technologies and innovations, choosing which is most suited for your home is challenging.

Different Types Of Vacuum Cleaners

1. Upright vacuum cleaner:

This is one of the most popular vacuum types. It is designed to be used on hard floor surfaces like tiled floors, hardwood floors, and more. The upright vacuum cleaner has an upright handle that allows the user to move it quickly from room to room. 

It typically uses a bag to store dirt and debris, so you don’t have to clean or empty it that often.

2. Canister Vacuum Cleaner:

This types of vacuums are best for smaller homes and apartments because it can be stored on a shelf or under furniture if there is no closet for large appliances.

The canister vacuum cleaner has a long hose that can reach different room parts and an attached tool to reach hard-to-reach areas.

3. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner:

Handheld vacuum cleaners are perfect for quick pick-ups, but they aren’t very good at removing large debris like pet hair, litter, and larger pieces of dirt. 

They are very lightweight and small, making them easy to carry around your home.

4. Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner:

This vacuum is excellent for cleaning wet areas like floors, cars, and more. It can pick up just about any debris and be used to wash the site after it’s picked up the mess.

This type of vacuum cleaner has the ability to clean and dry your floors at the same time. This makes it an excellent choice for those who do their cleaning or cannot take care of their floors, like those with arthritis or joint pain.

5. Corded Vacuum Cleaner:

This type of vacuum is best suited for larger homes because it has a large capacity. It can pick up pet hair, dirt, and other debris. It can also be used on hardwood, tiled floors, and more.

The corded vacuum is best for more extended periods because it will not lose its power as an electric model will.

6. Cordless vacuum cleaners:

Can be battery- or cord-powered and reach tight spaces that upright vacuum cleaners cannot access. They typically have a long hose and easily remove pet hair, dirt, and debris.

Also, these can be used for jobs like cleaning ceiling fan blades or stairs without worrying about tripping over the cord.

7. Bagged Vacuum Cleaner:

This type of vacuum cleaner uses bags to hold the dirt and debris it collects. The bag can be emptied quickly by pressing a button that opens it, releasing the dirt and debris into a waste basket in your home.

If you use a bag to collect dirt, you only need to clean it out once or twice a month.

8. Stick vacuums:

This types of vacuums is the latest in vacuum technology. It is typically lightweight, cordless, and easy to use. They are perfect for reaching corners, crevices, and other tight spaces that can be hard to get to.

They also come with bristle brushes and other attachments that help you different clean surfaces like furniture or carpeting.


Choosing the perfect vacuum cleaner is a very personal decision. Families, homeowners, and professional cleaners have tested and rated these vacuums. There are many types of vacuums to choose from, and each has its advantages.

This canister model is best for those who need an upright vacuum that can be used on hard floors. For those with pets or allergies, bagged or stick vacuums are an excellent choice for making your home cleaner and healthier.

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