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How many views do i need to earn a living off youtube?

How do YouTubers earn money?

Contrary to popular beliefs, subscribers mean almost nothing when getting paid off YouTube. It’s all about the views, which hopefully all of you know, which is why you’re watching this video to YouTubers get produced from numerous revenue sources.

The YouTubers earn money based on YouTube Ad revenue, donations, sponsorships, sales, etc. How much money does a single view generate for a Youtuber when someone watches an ad on their video? People always break it down by how much a YouTuber makes per thousand views.

So basically, by the number of ads played that month, identify. So again, while the number isn’t 100% accurate, for every single channel on YouTube, it’s pretty close to what most media are making.

How much do YouTubers get paid for youtube views?

Most people don’t know what this is, and the numbers are meager to contrary beliefs, but before that, consider that many factors can change this number. Do not forget that a viewer watches an ad on YouTube. That specific YouTube content creator of that video makes a whopping nearly 200 to 500 rupees on an average of 10,000 views on a particular video.

At the same time, it’s super hard to make a living off YouTube because ad rates are not super impressive, but now you’re probably thinking, oh, I know what any YouTuber makes on YouTube, and you’re going over your favorite.

YouTuber channel, you’re going to how many views they made that month and going, okay, let’s multiply it. But no one can get an accurate figure; it’s just the presented average.

What is the exact amount of money made from youtube views?

Answering the question of Exactly how much money YouTubers make from youtube views will again, that’s not quite the case because not all of us are monetized, and there’s no way to find out how many pictures were monetized on a specific channel.

So sadly, you’ll have to continue to use the social blade, for now, to find out some information about your favorite YouTubers.

How much YouTube channels make up from views on many factors like promoting affiliate products with your drain and relying solely on ad revenue.

YouTubers are getting income from both ad revenue from the YouTube partner program and affiliate product sales.

What raises Youtube Income?

Now when it comes to YouTube ad income, it entirely depends on how many advertisers are spending how much money advertising on particular terms; for example, there are a way more advertisers advertising on keywords like technology, finance, and health than there would be on keywords like scary videos or prank videos and that’s why channels that produce content on these types of topics that lots of advertisers want to advertise on are making a lot more money as a result and that is not to say that other subjects like scary videos or brands can be huge on YouTube often even though they are not making as much money but thousand views on their channel or not this channels can still be making a lot of money due to the fact of how many ideas that these channels are getting.

How much money is to be expected?

So how much money can you expect to make but a thousand views on your youtube channel? It depends on how much advertisers pay per thousand impressions or opinions on their ad; Such low niches like prank channels or scary videos can make you around rupees 200-400 per ten thousand views in those niches. We are as in higher places you can potentially make 3000 to 5000 dollars per ten thousand views, but the purpose is also to be super conservative.

The only thing that matters is the amount of monetized views you get and your CPM(Cost Per thousand Impressions). CPM is basically how much money you can make 1,000 clicks; based on your reverse from various countries and other genres, it can be different.

So if you are in the beauty, you might get a higher CPM than someone that’s intact; if your kids’ channel, you might make a higher CPM than a flock channel.

How much money do YouTube creators make?

Advertisers pay a certain amount to YouTube for every 1,000 views of their ads (CPM). The remainder goes to the creator, with YouTube taking 45%. Revenue per mille (RPM), the primary metric used by YouTube to measure its monetization, displays the amount of money a creator makes for every 1,000 views after deducting YouTube’s portion. Some topics, like personal finance, have the potential to increase a creator’s ad income by drawing in a sizable audience. Youtube’s second payment measure is also referred to as CPC. YouTube gives you a certain sum of money every time a viewer clicks on the link to the advertiser’s website. It also considers the number of viewers who stay on the video after the predetermined 5-second skip interval. The CPM we discussed earlier is different from this. For this, you will also receive payment. 

Depending on the viewer’s location, this sum is paid. And it is also based on the industry you work in! For example, YouTube would pay a tech YouTuber up to $1.2 for a click from an American audience. However, a click from a Canadian or Indian audience would only net them approximately $0.90 and $0.09, respectively. As I previously mentioned, it depends on your niche, locality, and advertisement type. A game advertisement would be paid less than one for a car or an online trading site. 

More effective strategies to monetize your subscribers 

There are several ways to monetize your YouTube channel without using advertisements. These are a few: 

  • Five times your earnings from digital items: By selling your digital goods, you may make money on YouTube in one of the most lucrative ways possible. What’s best? One hundred thousand subscribers are optional for this. You might even get by with just 1000 subscribers. You might market products like: 
    • E-books
    • Presets for Lightroom 
    • Stock Photography 
    • Courses

The options are virtually limitless when we talk about making and selling digital products. And the revenue may be staggering! 

  • As an affiliate, discuss various items-> You can monetize your YouTube videos by including affiliate links and links to your products. When you refer someone, and they purchase their product, a company or product gives you a commission, known as affiliate marketing. You might easily make several thousand dollars a month through affiliate marketing on YouTube if you create perfect affiliate films, advertise them to the correct audiences, and receive plenty of video views. It is a terrific strategy if you’re starting and still need to get a sizable subscriber list to work towards obtaining sponsored posts. 
  • Video advertisements are booming: Publishing sponsored videos on YouTube is another well-liked method of making money there. With sponsored videos, you work directly with a brand and get paid upfront for the full video. Sponsored videos are similar to affiliate marketing in that you are recommending things. Your income is typically determined by the number of people who will view your message rather than by the number of things you sell. There is no minimum number of subscribers needed to be sponsored, but normally speaking, the more viewers and subscribers you have, the better. 

These are the fews ways which can help you in gaining youtube views by and earn more money from it.



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