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How much does Study In Australia Cost?

Australia is one of the first choices students have while considering studying abroad. But then they have a lot of confusion as well. One of the main reasons for the same is that foreign education of course involves a financial investment and often students have no clear idea about it. This leads to students taking a step back from their dream course and get enrolled in some similar colleges in their own country.

But if you are planning to study in Australia, here is a financial guide for you to refer.

Let’s begin with it –

Tuition fees in Australia

Let us begin with the most important aspect of any expenditures related with studying abroad: the cost of education in Australia for international students at various stages. The chart below provides a broad range of fees for several sorts of credentials for international students in Australia. Applicants should keep in mind that these fees do not include pricey courses like veterinary and medical. Continue reading to find out how much it will cost a student to go to Australia from India:

Education Level Cost/Year
Undergraduate Bachelor Degree AUD 20,000 – 45,000
Postgraduate Master’s Degree AUD 22,000 – 50,000
Doctoral Degree AUD 18,000 – 42,000
Vocational Education and Training AUD 4,000 – 22,000
English language studies AUD 300 per week


Cost of Living in Australia

Aside from tuition, applicants must deal with the second most crucial expense, living expenditures in Australia. The fact that Australian cities have a high level of life translates into a higher cost of living. Here’s a breakdown of several factors such as rentals, utilities, entertainment, and so on

Australia’s Accommodation Prices

The varied rentals for a number of boarding choices for students wishing to study in Australia are listed below.

Type of Boarding Cost of Boarding

Hostels and Guesthouses AUD 90 – 150 per week

Shared Rental AUD 95 – 215 per week

On-campus AUD 110 – 280 per week

Homestay AUD 235 – 325 per week

Rental AUD 185 – 440 per week

Boarding schools AUD 11,000 – 22,000 a year


Other living expenses


While lodging prices account for a substantial portion of living expenses, other items included in the cost of living in Australia include –

Groceries and eating out AUD 140 – 280 per week
Gas, electricity AUD 10 – 20 per week
Phone and Internet AUD 15 – 30 per week
Public transport AUD 30 – 60 per week
Car (after purchase) AUD 150 – 260 per week
Entertainment AUD 80 – 150 per week


The cost of living for a year would roughly work out to AUD 21, 041. For students coming with partners would be an additional AUD 7,362 and when accompanied by a minor, the charges would be AUD 3,152.

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Kindly note, that living cost in Australia is subject to the choice and preference of students and their living habits. While a lavish lifestyle would incur a high cost of living, a moderate to simple lifestyle would lead to spending less on living costs.

On that note you should also know about the other essential costs involved with living in Australia –

  • To study at any university in Australia, you must hold an Australian student visa. The total costs for an Australia student visa are AUD 630.
  • In Australia, international students are required to carry health insurance. Overseas student health insurance should be used. The price ranges from 609 AUD to 3,438 AUD.
  • Students must produce proof of funding to demonstrate that they have the cash to study in the country. The bare minimum is 20,290 AUD per year.
  • Most Australian universities charge an application fee to finance admissions processes. The application fees are AUD 133.

For the ease of every overseas student, the country has supplied numerous options for universities, courses, teaching styles, and prices. Now that you know how much it costs to study abroad in Australia, you can concentrate on your academic options. Choosing the proper academics in Australia is important, which is why seeking expert advice to make an informed decision is preferable.



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