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How to Add Comments on Twitch?


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Being the most successful live streaming platform globally, Twitch homes unabashed fans, streamers, and juvenile communities. Some bond as if they are blood-related, and some mess around sarcastically. Furthermore, they come under one virtual roof to share highbrow knowledge, teach strenuous skills, and tell untold stories. 

Views and opinions

Twitch thrives in live and new content. On the other hand, Twitch streamers prosper through their interactions with fans and viewers. Viewers expressing their opinions and viewpoints on a particular content being streamed significantly affect the streamers themselves. 


The one thing that is very much common among various content publishing sites is the comment section. It branched out from the vintage practice of publishing ‘Letters to editors’ where issues regarding a particular content published are reflected. I like manner, the comments section spotlights various discussions regarding the content posted. 


The comments section on Twitch 

In Twitch, no dedicated comments section is available, like in the case of YouTube. But, as an essential part of the experience, Twitch renders something called the ‘Chat’ section. From time to time, Twitch considers its duty to facilitate vibrant and dynamic communities. As a result, the ‘Chat’ section has been instigated. 


A domicile of interaction 

The Chat section of Twitch is dedicated to conducting discussions among fellow viewers and streamers. Panels of community in the comment will serve as a perfect thing to improve and provide better content by the streamers. However, sarcasm in the field of chatting is inevitable. Humorous and hilarious chat can leave viewers laughing for the whole period of the stream. 

Overview of the Chat section 

Every stream on Twitch will have a chat section unless the streamer has decided to turn off the Chat feature for their particular stream. A list of viewers, streamers, and moderators will also appear in the Chat section. The composition of the Chat section includes:

  • Chat field – to type messages 
  • Cheering icon – to cheer with bits 
  • Emote button – to send emotes 
  • Chat button – to send the message off 


Steps to Chat 

  1. Type the message you want to send in the Chat field. 
  2. If needed, add emotes using the Emote button to the message. 
  3. Add animated cheermotes with the Cheering button. 
  4. Hit the Chat button to deliver the message. 

Customizable Chat Experience 

Twitch allows viewers to customize their chat section as per their discretion. This includes changing the colours of the username and filtering chats. Various filters like discrimination, sexually explicit language, hostility, and profanity can be toggled on to customize one’s chat experience. Streamers can put up something called Chat rules in the chat section in which the principles to be followed, standards to be maintained, and requirements to be fulfilled to participate in chatting are stated. If the viewers find it difficult to focus on the stream while chats are being popped out beside it, they can use the ‘Hide chat’ option to restrict conversations from showing up.

Chat Replies 

Chat replies are used to make keeping up with the ongoing conversation of a stream easier. Viewers can riposte directly to particular messages in the chat. There are two ways to reply in chat: 

  1. Using the reply/thread icon beside the message, A reply arrow will appear on the right side of a message when hovered over it. By clicking it, a reply conversation can be started. Instead of the reply icon, a thread icon will appear if the message is already a part of an ongoing reply thread 
  2. By using keyboard shortcuts 

To reply to a particular person, enter the username following the ‘@’ symbol, navigate through the suggested user’s list, select the user you wish to reply to, and start typing the message 

But, the mentioned user should have sent a message in the chat recently. If not, the reply shortcut will not appear. Once you start typing a reply, the ‘Chat’ button will change into a ‘Reply’ button. 

A summary of Community Guidelines 

Twitch has pledged to provide viewers with the best shared social video experience. Twitch’s utmost duty is to overwatch that creators and communities interact safely. For this reason, positive and friendly experiences are promoted on the platform. To protect the integrity of every community. The following are some guidelines laid down by Twitch: 

  • Respect all local, national and international laws 
  • Any content of illegal activities is prohibited 
  • Acts or threats of violence will not be tolerated 
  • Twitch doesn’t allow hateful content and harassment 
  • Impersonating any individual or organization is prohibited 
  • Content that violates the integrity of Twitch Terms of Services is prohibited


Twitch acts in excellent reports of instances that defy the Community Guidelines. As a result, every user is equally protected. Most horrendous violations will lead to indefinite suspension of the user’s account. Balance in the platform will be reinforced only if users feel protected and secure.

John Bailey
John Bailey
John Bailey is an industry expert within the healthcare and gaming software landscapes. He works at Chetu Inc., Sunrise, Fla., a custom software development provider and thought-leader within the IT community. He offers commentary on changing tides within the healthcare and gaming industries.


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