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How to Draw Zeus Easily

How to Draw Zeus. Greek myths contain some of humankind’s most epic and emotional stories. Tales of gods, monsters, and heroes populate these myths, and these tales remain popular today.

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The god of thunder, Zeus, is said to have ruled over the other gods on Mount Olympus, and learning how to draw Zeus is a great way to show appreciation for this character!

If you’ve wanted to learn how to draw a cool picture of Zeus but need help knowing where to start, then you’ll love this tutorial!

How to Draw Zeus

Step 1

Depictions of Zeus almost always endow him with a long, flowing beard, and that’s where we start in this Zeus drawing guide.

The head and beard of Zeus are quite detailed, so you should closely refer to the reference image when drawing.

You can also start by drawing a rough shape with a light pen, which can help you find the right proportions.

First, we draw his eyes and his angry-looking eyebrows. His square nose will go underneath, and then there’s his flowing mustache underneath.

Next, we will add curved and pointed shapes to the sides of her head for the wreath she wears around her head.

Finally, let’s draw many curvy shapes from his face and move to the right to depict his flowing beard.

Step 2

You’ve finished the head and beard for this drawing of Zeus, and now we can go down to draw his first arm and chest.

First, draw a circle within a circle at the base of his beard for a buckle that will secure the toga he wears.

Zeus is usually associated with a thunderbolt so you can draw a little thunderbolt on this buckle.

Next, we’ll use curved lines from the buckle for the top of her dress. You can add some line detail to make it look more crumpled.

Finally, you can draw the rest of his exposed chest and his big hand reaching us. Then go to step 3!

Step 3

Earlier in this guide to drawing Zeus, we mentioned that he is often associated with lightning.

Draw the upper left shoulder first to show his muscular arm holding onto the lightning bolt above his head.

Once this arm is drawn, you can draw some details for his chest. Finally, for this step, we can use curved lines for the bottom half of her robe, covering the tops of her legs.

Make sure you draw a belt with some circles and slightly curved lines.

Step 4

In this next step, we will start drawing the legs for the Zeus drawing. Like his arms, his legs will be quite muscular. The one on the left is slightly raised, while the other is fairly straightforward.

At the bottom of her legs, we will also draw her sandals. These consist of many slim, curved shapes that wrap around her legs to just below her knees.

Step 5

This is a step where you should copy the lines exactly as they appear in the reference image, as this can get quite tricky.

You can use curved, rounded lines around his right foot and then extend outward for the rest of the base.

We will finish it in the next step, along with some finishing touches.

Step 6

You can complete the base for your Zeus design in this step. To do this, continue what you started for the base in the previous step to extend the base to the left side.

Once you’ve drawn this side of the base, you can color it in! First, add any background elements or extra features to the image.

Step 7

Now it’s time to color your image for this final step of our Zeus drawing guide.

For our reference image, we kept the colors a bit more muted, ranging from yellow for his beard and elements of his clothing to blue for the fabric of his robe.

We ended up using a beige color for her stormy base.

These are the colors we chose, but this is your chance to get creative and show what colors you think would go with this great image!

Your Zeus Drawing is Finished!



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