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How to Find a Professional Animation Studio?

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Do you want to broaden your horizons? Using animation services for your business can be an efficient way to skyrocket your business. Small businesses and start-ups are using animation to make impactful ads. Moreover, those who use an animated video are likely to receive ten times more positive reviews than those who do not!

In addition, finding a studio that gives a new flair to your business is necessary. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are looking for a professional animation studio:

1: Look at Portfolio

First, you must always look at the portfolio and work done by the studio. Usually, animation studios publish work on their website and are ready to give some samples to prospective clients. Therefore, a portfolio can determine if the animation studio is worth investing in or not.

Emerging studios must have their professional portfolio. For example, on their website, Glowza Digital animation studio showcases some good animated videos along with some general video content.

2: Cost of Service

Another thing you must look at is what price per minute they charge. In addition, draft your budget and make a comparison of different studios based on their prices. There are a lot of emerging studios that provide quality service at a low cost. However, do give them their due share when you see excellent videos! Overall, finding an animation studio while staying within the budget should be your goal.

3: Check Reviews

You ought to check reviews of the animation ASAP! For this, you must reach out to the animation community and verify the authenticity of the studio. Usually, users define thoroughly how their experience was and what was the final output of the video with the animation studio. It will ensure the studio’s viability and what kind of service they can offer you.

For example, you can check out forums or online communities to find out what people say about a certain studio.

4: Identify your Video Style

Check out what kind of animated videos they make before you pick them out. Animation studios often give various services such as explainers, whiteboards, marketing, and 3D animated videos. Moreover, they have examples against each video option so choose what suits you.

For example, we use explainers and marketing videos for advertising, while 3D animated videos explain a product and a complex process. Overall, the choice of video style is dependent on your content.

5: Aftercare Services

An animation studio stands out from the crowd because of its satisfying aftercare services. It means keeping in touch with the clients even after you work for them. Further, these services are updating content and integrating new ideas into it. Therefore, being in good books is what matters!

For example, an animation studio is worth trying again if they listen to your ideas and make videos accordingly.

6: Check Video Quality

Furthermore, you must check the quality of the videos before saying yes to the studio! Various factors determine the quality. How does the music sound? What kind of design elements does the video have? Does the video look blurred or shrink in size when published online? Overall, there should be no compromise in the video’s resolution and message.

For example, a video should be 4K HD quality instead of 720p or 1080p.

7: Customer Service

You can understand a company’s worth by its customer service effectiveness! A studio must address problems and integrate its clients’ ideas from start to finish. Therefore, building strong ties of communication is the key here.

For example, build an effective communication channel by talking to your clients weekly. Glowza Digital Animation studio does that; it asks the clients what they want and analyzes the target market before creating any video content.

8: Verify Content

You can verify if the video is original by utilizing verification tools. Amnesty YouTube DataViewer is a tool that checks how many times a video has been put forward on the platform. Further, the background music can sometimes strike copyright if not purchased. Therefore, from audio to visual elements, everything must be original!

9: Active Participation

Lastly, an animation studio must actively engage with each stakeholder and bring them to the same table. Further, you must become a part of the studio’s planning and design phase so that they do not rule out your ideas. Often studios go with their flow when it comes to the design phase. Ultimately, the client rejects their ideas because they were not part of the process. 

Final Words

How is animation changing the world? It is through creative visualization and out-of-the-box ideas that come into play. Moreover, animation can be a powerful tool to seamlessly market your products and services. Apart from being easily shareable, they are also memorable. And what better way than finding a professional animation studio that does the job for you? Now is the time to get in touch with a studio and make your business reach new heights!

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