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How To Maintain Your Microwave Oven for Longer Life?


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Getting a proficient and well-working microwave has become an easy process with the numerous sources available on the internet. What hasn’t become familiar to everyone in the right etiquette of maintaining your microwave oven in a good condition? 

Microwave Oven

Even if you invest in the best IFB microwave oven on the market, you need to prudently use and maintain it to ensure its longevity and performance. Convection microwaves are costly commodities that require utmost care to ensure their best working. Here is what you can do to maintain your microwave oven for longer life. Read to know more!

  • Maintain cleanliness and hygiene

The foremost thing that weighs higher in terms of maintaining kitchen appliances is hygiene. You do not want your edibles to become infested with germs and dust. Cleaning your oven regularly is a must-do. Keep your convection microwave clean and free from any kind of dirt and stain-causing things. Doing this regularly can help, as it maintains the body of the IFB microwave clean for a longer time. When your microwave body is strong and well-maintained, you do not have to worry about it malfunctioning any time soon.

  • Store it in the right place 

Another golden rule in maintaining your microwave at wonderful working standards is to store it in a clean and dry place. Avoiding direct sunlight on the appliance is essential to make it look new for years. You can place your convection microwave on the slab of your kitchen, but make sure that it is not near the tap. 

If you are not comfortable placing your IFB microwave in the kitchen, you can find some other dry spot for it. Avoid placing it in places that are really clustered. This can damage your convection microwave with the heat rising out of it. Store it in a place that allows the vapours to escape. Also, avoid placing it on the edges. There is a risk of your IFB microwave falling off from the surface and getting damaged.

  • Selecting the correct dishware

Although there are clear instructions mentioned on the body of the convection microwave, and in the manual about what and what not to put inside the IFB microwave, some people miss them. Most microwave ovens allow the usage of silicon ware, ceramics, microwave-safe fibre ware, etc. However, it is strictly avoided to use any kind of metal ware inside the convection microwave. Using stainless steel inside your oven is a complete no. Also, you must not use aluminium foils inside your IFB microwave. It might lead to damage to your dishware as well, as cause technical issues with the microwave.

  • Be gentle with the door

The door of the microwave oven is not something you must be very hard on. If you are using your force while opening or closing, you can risk damaging it. Any damage caused to the door would hamper the entire functioning of the convection microwave. Since, the ovens don’t function until and unless their doors are properly shut, it is not possible to get your food cooked or heated inside the IFB microwave with your door damaged.

  • Basic maintenance is a must

If you own a convection microwave, it is apt for you to maintain your microwave by doing the basic cleaning to avoid any problems with it. Make a proper cleaning schedule and stick to it. The majority of the oven manufacturers advise the customers to clean their appliances thoroughly on alternate months. 

Besides this, you can give your IFB microwave for intermittent maintenance repairs. It will help to nip any problem that might be there in the bud. Thus, the problems won’t be piled up, causing the working of the IFB microwave to hamper.

  • Do not use the microwave for food that isn’t meant for it

Although you can cook and heat almost all kinds of foods inside your microwave oven, there are certain exceptions to this case. For example, boiling a glass of water, poaching eggs, etc. This is because these things can explode inside the convection microwave, causing damage to its body, and in some cases, to anything or anyone nearby. You need to be very cautious in case you own a convection microwave. You can also prudently make use of the timer to be extra careful while operating the oven. 

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