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How to Make Your Brochure Printing Stand Out?

Brochure might be old school but it is still one of the most relevant and effective marketing tools. It can be used for almost all types of businesses. However, not all brochures are the same. You might have already noticed it. A few brochures simply stand out from the pile, it might be due to the beautiful layout or attractive cover. 

So, how you do make your brochures stand out? There are a few tricks to do that. Let’s take a look at these brochure printing tips. 

  • Choose the Right Colors

The color psychology applies to almost everything in the field of marketing and promotion, blue in yellow stands out. In case most brochures that use yellow, use green or red hues. No, there are no hard and fast rules as there are no right or wrong colors to use. But the only way to find out which colors stand out; you can check out the rack yourself. 

Visit different brochure staff and analyze the color palettes that have been used. Learn how they are standing out from the crowd. Brighter colors are s safe choice but you should not be afraid to stand out since that is what everyone is doing. 

  • Paper Quality

Check out the paper style used by other companies in your industry, particularly the ones in your area. In case everyone is using matte paper or standard cardstock, be unique and select a glossy finish. A glossy finish can make your custom brochure printing look more professional. Also, good paper quality shows that you are committed to quality. 

  • Size is Important

Size is important but that is not to say that bigger is not always better. In case your brochure is a little smaller than the others around it, people might be drawn to it. Surely, you want your tri fold brochure printing to be small enough that it is easy to carry them but large enough to get noticed. It should not be so small that it gets shuffled from the remaining pile. 

Make the most of the brochure size by using attractive and high-resolution on the top with valuable details with large fonts for the remaining space. Use every inch that’s available and a layout that is easy to the customer’s eyes. 

  • Different Designs for Potential Audiences

You don’t commit to a single design for all markets, as every region or city might have a little different demographic from others. In case most businesses in your area are choosing a certain kind of brochure printing, you should try out something different. You can print brochures that is targeting a separate demographic, such as young professionals, solo travelers, or couples. 

You are investing money in brochure printing in developing unique and quality products and services. A striking design can help you get more business for your brand. 

  • Make it Simple

You cannot be sure how well-versed your potential customer is going to be when they get their brochure. So, you need to keep the design of the brochure printing simple and easy to understand. It will let your customers understand what your business does and what you offer. Place your images with simple captions as it can make the design pop and draw their eyes to areas where you want them to. 

  • Practice Font Restraints

When you start to design a brochure to promote your business, it is easy to go overboard with the font or fonts you use. It might be amusing to see brochures with multiple fonts, but it might also be discouraging for other people, especially potential customers. So, when you are choosing fonts for your brochures, you should show some restraint. In case your brand has a signature font, start from there. You can use the font for the whole brochure design or you can 1-2 to jazz it up a little. 

  • Be Bold with Facts and Quotes

Consider what you want your readers to read and focus on. Ask yourself that and make the content bold. Place it somewhere on tri font brochure printing where it is not going to go unnoticed. 

Use a bold design and don’t for all your facts and quotes when you are creating a brochure. Bold fonts tend to attract your readers and help them understand the important ideas and facts you are trying to present. It also helps in breaking up the content on the brochure. 

  • Design For Your Readers

Often designers fail to prioritize the design for the readers and just consider what they want. You have to put yourself in the shoes of the target market of the brand. If your audience responds positively to a certain color, you should use it even if you hate the color. 

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