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How to Recover Disabled Facebook Account? Facebook, a name that does not require anyone’s introduction, is surely the biggest Social Networking Website in the whole world. This was the first of its kind which introduces a generation to the digital world and to become this Facebook has covered a long journey.

From the campus of MIT to the whole world, Facebook knows about all the major countries their cultures, customs, and languages. So, we can consider a whole new digital world where people share their thoughts, and talk with each other using chat, audio, and video. That is why Facebook has traffic of billions of people.

Facebook’s users’ grievance system, though is one of the best around the world but its existence is enough proof that people still face problems using Facebook. The most common issue around the world that is faced by lots of people is related to their deleted account or disabled account.

They do not understand why it has been disabled, what they have to do now and how to unlock a Facebook account. Hence for such users, we have brought a cure for all such problems.


There are many Rules and Regulations that have been made by Facebook and are mandatory for every user to follow. In case they violate these guidelines, Facebook is free to block them from its Platform without prior warning. However, Facebook does provide warnings and a temporary lock but if you repeat them again you are vulnerable to getting a permanent to disable. Let us specifically see what are the reasons:


This is taken very seriously by Facebook, and if at any moment it is found that someone is trying to create a Facebook account impersonating someone else it may be used to malice someone’s name. Hence, Facebook may disable the account.


If you add too many friends or join too many groups in a very short time it seems suspicious to Facebook and hence may lead to getting your account blocked.

  • SPAM:

Sometimes what you do is add too many posts to your wall in a day, but Facebook has set a limit to do this, hence if you cross this limit, it looks like your account is spammed and hence may be blocked by Facebook.


If you threaten someone on Facebook or try to bully your fellow user it is quite unsocial and violates the community guidelines of Facebook. That is why Facebook can block your account temporarily or permanently.


It is very serious of all kinds as in this case it is the responsibility of Facebook itself to make everyone’s account secure and safe. If someone tries to hack your account, Facebook for security reasons may block your account.


Facebook does not go extreme in most situations but blocks your account temporarily. For such blockage, you do not need to do anything as after some time approximately 24hours or 48 hours Facebook automatically unlocks your account. But if it is not the case with you, there are other methods too. Some of the most helpful methods are:


To avail of this method, first of all, go to the page Facebook help centre, this is actually the identity confirmation page of Facebook. In those cases, where your account was blocked because of someone else, this method helps you recover your disabled Facebook account.

When you go on this page, enter your email address and password to log in to your locked account first. Then choose a valid photo identity that is authorized by the government and is still valid. Choose the upload option to upload a scanned copy of this ID to Facebook for further verification.

After proper verification, Facebook within 48 hours unlocks your account, and your problem of FB account disabled is solved. However, if you do not feel safe uploading your photo ID, you can go for other methods of verification using your mobile number or Email address.

To do this, instead of login in, click on the Forgot Password and enter your email address or mobile number whatever you want to use for verification, and click on the Next button. Facebook sends you a verification code on whatever method you use, enter the code and click on the suit button to complete this verification.


As we also have discussed earlier that the redressal mechanism of Facebook is very high and all the issues are solved with high priority. To do this, firstly go to this link Facebook help center, after that log in with your email address and password. Once you are logged in, you can write all the details of the issue you have faced to the Facebook team. After a proper reading of the matter, you can recover your Facebook suspended Account.

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