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Human Psychology Behind Putting Sad Status in Hindi on WhatsApp


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We all know that WhatsApp is a worldwide accessible platform that provides voice-over IP and instant messaging services. If we talk about the benefits, it also has flaws that affect the users directly or indirectly.

The feature of sharing happy and sad statuses in Hindi was introduced by WhatsApp on 24th February. It was the 8th birthday of WhatsApp. It allowed users to share videos and photos with their contact list.

While the original goal was to add some joy to the users’ lives, it transformed the entire nature of interpersonal interactions and motives. In other words, this has fundamentally altered how we communicate with others.

If the well-wisher doesn’t update their WhatsApp status with wishes, images, or videos for 24 hours the wishes for a birthday, anniversary, or marriage are of no use. It includes showing up in person on these occasions. Nowadays, if you don’t wish someone on their status, they get insulted or stop considering you a good friend.

Another thing seen in WhatsApp is that users utilize the status feature to communicate their moods, such as happiness, sadness, anger, political preferences, and viewpoints with the help of posts or videos. There are numerous causes for this behavior. Let’s examine each of these in turn.

Instant gratification

The desire for rapid pleasure is a result of social needs such as group membership, approval from others, loss of respect in the family, and acknowledgment from others. This usefulness has developed into a fantastic tool for individuals to attract attention and detract from their feelings of loneliness and uncertainty.

The need for the ability to change things

A person subconsciously anticipates they cannot change the reality in their homes, offices, states, or country. They convey their feelings via their WhatsApp status (which they can’t in the real world). The same person will typically hesitate to speak or engage in a dispute in front of a group of people as they lack confidence and avoid engaging in face-to-face arguments.

They feel satisfied that their words or opinions have been heard when they share their opinions about this utility and learn that the intended audiences have seen them, but they forget that this is essentially a monologue (without a counterargument) produced from the comfort of their homes. This is similar to a fleeting joy.


Most of us have relationship problems but we now do not sit at a table and work out differences. Instead, people look for phrases online that best describe their circumstances and post them as status updates. They aim at them (they have differences). If one examines the deeper meaning of this pattern of action. It becomes clear that those who engage in these behaviors lack the courage to speak up; they are aware that there is no danger of people pursuing them because the post is general and does not mention any one person. It can further strain the relationship between two people. People viewing status keep guessing who did the status target.

According to a recent Facebook study, people who post status updates about their relationships are uneasy. According to research, these status updates may not always accurately reflect their circumstances. Most people post to elicit a response and want to be encouraged.

For the status viewer, it is crucial to recognize that these changes are not a record of the user’s (person making updates on status) life. One should never compare their own life to others based solely on their social media status update.

Live your life as you like and if you feel like uploading a sad status in hindi for life, go for it.

John Bailey
John Bailey
John Bailey is an industry expert within the healthcare and gaming software landscapes. He works at Chetu Inc., Sunrise, Fla., a custom software development provider and thought-leader within the IT community. He offers commentary on changing tides within the healthcare and gaming industries.


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