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Is It Worth Buying An Electric Cycle? Everything You Need to Know About E-cycles in India.

A few weeks ago, one of my closest friends asked me for some advice in selecting an electric cycle in India.  Well, I wouldn’t say that I am a total expert on e-cycles, but I could still try and point him in the right direction as he is a beginner. However, his questions made me realize that he definitely wasn’t the only person trying to understand whether an electric cycle was right for him. What are the pros and cons of getting an e-cycle. And even if it was a good option to buy one in India, where should he begin and what models to choose.

So, to help resolve the queries of newbies like my friend who are looking to buy electric cycles in India, I have placed the answers to all their questions below.

Why You Should Buy an E-cycle?

Electric cycles offer similar benefits to those offered by the regular bicycle like cost savings as there is no insurance or licensing needed.

One of the major advantages offered by e-cycles in my perspective is the ease of climbing hills especially during windy times. In case of a knee pain or difficulty in breathing, electric cycles offer a massive advantage as you don’t have to pedal much as they are equipped with a pedal assist. As a result, you can commute to work in extreme heat without sweating so much. Personally, I have used cars and motorcycles before and frankly speaking, neither felt as energizing as cycling away from traffic.

Electric cycles eliminate many of the challenges and obstacles that you face with the traditional bicycle. However, e-cycles in India can be heavy and expensive and can be a huge pain if the battery runs out halfway across the path.

What Electric Cycles Are Great for Beginners?

In today’s world, it is possible to plunge directly into electric cycles or get a taste of it. For instance, some companies in India allow you to rent e-cycles to get a better feel of them before you actually decide to buy them.

For the best experience purpose-built e-cycles are a brilliant option (electric cycles that are specifically designed and sold as electric and not the converted ones).

Whether you want a folding e-cycle to stow in your car’s trunk or take on a plane, take a ride your friend or go uphill, there is surely an electric cycle in India that’s fully capable.

Are There Drawbacks to Electric Cycles?

Well, I am massive admirer of latest technology in the realm of electric cycles and electric bikes. And despite the advancement in e-cycle technology that had popularized them across India, there are still some aspects that e-cycles struggle with.

For example, if you are an avid mountain biker, then e-cycles pose a significant disadvantage. In this aspect I still believe that the standard mountain bikes are amazing and I still possess one for silent and light-weight cruising. Basically, e-cycles tend to be heavier, louder and nearly always more expensive than the standard bicycle.

What Are The Types of Electric Cycles in India?

Having reviewed over a 100 e-cycles, I am naming the 3 types of electric bikes.

  • Peddle assist
  • Throttle-controlled
  • Speed Pedelec
  • In a pedal assist e-cycle, you can move forward mostly when you peddle. When you stop peddling, the power shuts off. Using this system in this place, you peddle normally while the motor transfers power to the rear wheel for making peddling much easier.
  • The function of throttle-controlled electric cycles is similar to a motorcycle or scooter. So, when you use the throttle, it moves the electric cycle Therefore, there is no need to pedal at all. The throttle gives you complete control over the amount of power that the motor sends to the rear wheel.
  • Speed Pedelec E-cycles operate just like peddle assisted e-bikes. However, they can reach a maximum speed of 45km/h. In some places, a speed pedelec is considered a motor vehicle. However, in this case, you require a type of license to legally ride it on the road.

What is The Price Range?

When it comes to electric cycles, the prices vary and can be overwhelming at first…so brace yourselves! A low-end electric cycle can range from anywhere between Rs.18000-Rs.25000. Nonetheless, I feel that Rs.30000 is the lowest level that is worthy enough to look for. I have seen many unsatisfied customers who bought an e-cycle online in India and are facing a constant battle. They are either struggling to fix a throttle or trying to find a replacement battery pack as they received cells that were of poor quality. Moreover, there have even been some cases of fires being ablaze as a result of cheap batteries getting damaged.

As a result, I would recommend buying an electric cycle of at least Rs.30000 that can be purchased from a renowned brand like Motovolt. The company delivers electric cycles of topnotch quality manufactured out of innovational components. Electric cycles like the Motovolt HUM offer intuitive controls, fenders and racks along with an overall magnificent aesthetic.

Let’s return to the middle-range and discuss further about the prices. My very first electric cycle cost me Rs. 45000 that helped me save the costs on tons of petrol over the first year.

On social media like YouTube and Facebook I often see videos where people claim a used car or motorcycle would be better than purchasing a high-end e-cycle in India. However, I believe they seem to overlook the sky-rocketing prices of car repairs, oil changes, insurance, licensing etc. Motorcycles and cars are not really investments, rather they are tools, whose value diminishes with time and use.

Electric cycles are nearly four times less expensive to operate than cars when you look at it from the perspective of today’s blazing petrol costs.

Are Electric Cycles Faster Than Regular Bicycles?

Well, the answer is no here. Most low low-speed e-cycles in India don’t generally go over 40km/h. Nevertheless, you can always try peddling faster than that. But need to understand that efficiency drops greatly when riders increase speed due to drag. So, if you go beyond 40kmph on an e-cycle, drag starts to interfere with the range you can achieve so high speed comes at a fairly high price.

Can I Do DIY Maintenance of My Electric Cycle?

Well, I personally recommend that you buy electric cycles locally in India. The reason behind this is that your e-cycle will be assembles properly and so, it will be fit for the rider to match his comfort. In the e-cycle market, many shopkeepers have told me that electric cycles undergo intensely rough usage. This statement is based on the customer feedback that they provide. People ride e-cycles more and much faster when compared to the regular bicycle. Although some of the wear and tear can be serviced by you but when the damage involves batteries and throttles, then you definitely require professional help.

What Electric Cycles Do You Suggest for Beginners?

Well, the choice of electric cycle completely depends on your needs. However, I would present to you a few of my personal preferences for a newbie rider. The Motovolt ICE is a spectacular e-cycle that would be an ideal choice if you are just stepping into this realm. The ICE is an extremely lightweight e-cycle at only 19.6kg with a tremendous acceleration of 0-25kmph in less than 9 seconds. This marvelous electric bicycle is a delight to ride especially on rough Indian terrain. It is equipped with disc brakes that offer you perfect grip while travelling across wet streets or roads. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable seat and In seat suspension that offer you utmost comfort as you take the ride of your life.

Furthermore, this electric wonder has an incredibly massive travel range of 20-35km on a single charge! Splendid, isn’t it? And the best part is that this spectacular e-cycle is light on your pocket as the price ranges between Rs.29000 to Rs.33000 only!


I personally consider electric cycles to be fascinating! They not only provide us substantial exercise without placing a strain on our muscles but they also allow us to connect with nature and you can adopt them as your primary means of transport. The best part is, you don’t have to necessarily empty your wallets to get a decent electric cycle if your main motive is to commute back and forth from your place of work. I hope you found the answers to all your queries and sincerely wish that you get started on your journey to conquer the world on your future electric cycle in India. All the best!



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