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Is Lasik allowed in the Indian Army?

Answering the most frequent question asked by many people, that is, whether Lasik is allowed in the Indian Army or not, then the answer is yes, Lasimage surgery is allowed in the Indian Army. There is no such rule that a person who has undergone Lasik eye surgery for vision improvement cannot be permitted or be eligible for the Indian Army.

All you need to do is to provide all your prescriptions to the doctor who will be taking your physical exam for an eye test so that he must be aware of the history of your vision and its record. There is nothing to hide; instead, it would be appreciated if you would show all your past prescriptions and provide details of your stability of vision to the doctor who has been checking you for the Indian army test.

What is required in the Indian Army?

All you need is stable vision that can focus without any support from power lenses or specs. So if you can see things without a strain on your eyes or blurriness, then you are completely eligible for the Indian Army, and even if you have undergone Lasik eye surgery and now can see things, then also you are wholly qualified for the Indian Army.

All it demands is a clear and healthy vision that can see things clearly without any strains or blurriness, but one thing that is mandatory for you is that you have to provide your medical prescriptions. So that the doctor taking the army eye test can have a rough idea about your stability of vision and consider how long ago you have undergone surgery and from then till the present date how stable your image is and so on.

Doing so will also help you clear your exam because if you have sound vision after Lasik eye surgery and have gone for a medical test but did not disclose the surgery to the examiner. You might not be qualified if it is detected, and you will deny it.

So, inform the examiner of your medical history in advance.

Is Lasik a way to worry about getting into the Army?

There is nothing to be worried about. If you have undergone Lasik eye surgery, you will not be disqualified for the Indian Army test. They are just a myth, and the earlier person with poor vision was not admitted to the Indian Army but now, with the evolving time and considering all the current situation. Circumstances government has approved candidates who have previously undergone surgery to appear for the Indian army physical test. They will not be disqualified based on surgery made earlier. All they need is a stable and good vision who can see things clearly and has all the abilities of a person with normal vision. Then he will not be disqualified based on surgeries made earlier. 

Lasik surgery cost and centers

So if a person has poor eyesight or is used to wearing specs and wants admission to the Indian Army, Lasik eye surgery is their ultimate hope. It is one of the best possible outcomes for getting their vision improved. Then they can apply to the Indian Army and get admitted there, irrespective of the fact that earlier they have poor eyesight. Also, the capital of the country, Delhi, has the best Lasik eye surgery centers. Also, there is no way to worry about the Lasik surgery cost in Delhi as plenty of options are available.

So you can do in-depth research and then decide. Many surgery centers improve patient vision through Lasik eye surgery.

So you can compare various surgery centers improving vision through Lasik surgery and choose the best one that suits you in all terms, whether it is diagnosis or money. 

Does the Indian Army accept candidates with Lasik surgery?

The cost for Lasik eye surgery depends on the type of treatment required in your case and similarly varies from person to person. Lasik eye surgeries are now entirely acceptable in the Indian Army as it has been commonly found among many youngsters. A consecutive number of people continuously go under Lasik eye surgery for vision improvement. So considering all the prevailing situations, the government has also approved accepting lasik eye surgery for the Indian Army. Also, the Indian Army started taking Lasik surgery because it is a lifetime surgery and does not get worn off with time. Once the person has undergone Lasik surgery for vision improvement, his vision will be improved for a lifetime, and there will be no further risk factors.

Wrapping up

Hence regarding all these Lasik treatments for vision improvement as acceptable in the Indian Army, once the examiner approves all your prescriptions and declares that your vision is stable and you can focus on things, you can get admitted into the Indian Army.

It is highly advised to show all your prescriptions and medical reports related to your eyes to the examiner so that it will have any while having your eye test. Also, Lasik eye surgery might have been detected sometimes. So just being very careful from your side, it is advised to show all the required sets of papers related to your surgery before the test to your respective examiner.

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