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Know Why Your Car Needs A Summer Tyre

First and foremost, every tyre buyer should get an idea about which tyre suits their local temperature the best. Seasonal tyres are not mandatory for every user. Well, they are only suitable for car deals with extreme local conditions. However, selecting the Summer Tyres Sunderland set for the car from the hundreds of models of different brands is a pesky task. Because every year wide range of summer tyres from top manufacturers enter the market with exclusive specifications. Well, we understand how confusing it is to select a good pair for your car. Hence, in this blog, we propose our best guide to the finest summer tyres that you can pick without any second thought.

Why Should I Buy the Summer Tyres in Particular?

To begin with, it is not mandatory for every car or truck user to opt for a summer tyre. Despite the fixation of a summer tyre will be ideal for extreme summer conditions. All in all, these tyres make your ride more comfortable and safer on the most humid days. Hence, we must select summer tyres with care. However, in this guide, let us discuss a few of the notable features of the summer tyres that can throw out the hot and rough conditions:


Well, the material used in summer tyres should be lightweight and flexible. However, select a manufacturer that makes tyres with long-lasting natural rubber compounds. Fortunately, many popular brands of this use a higher percentage of natural rubber content in their summer models.

The purpose of this re-formulated compound aids in better flexibility and even spreading over dry roads. Well, this material promotes more resistance to heat and cancels punctures or blowouts in summer. Also, choose a tyre that comes with an exceptional design structure along with this innovative material that improves the grip on surfaces that are rough, sandy, and surrounded by more humidity.


In the case of summer tyres we have to choose a tyre that comes with an advanced tread compound. But not many companies provide deeper tread wear for every summer and all-season models. Hence, we recommend checking for the summer variants with long-lasting tread wear while buying. After all, the deep tread design makes the tyre more resistant. Also, with high treading, high traction can be achieved. Ultimately, this enhances outperforming handling over any terrain.

Best Performing Summer Tyres

These are our top 2 summer tyres of this year:

Continental SportContact 6

  • This premium tyre from Continental is the “overall best performer of the year,” according to many testing sources that boost outperforming handling on dry roads.
  • However, Continental SportContact 6 also promotes excellent handling on wet.
  • This tyre features innovative noise-cancellation technology by Continental that fosters very less exterior noise emissions.
  • Besides, this summer tyre design enhances excellent braking and provides low rolling resistance on any surface.
  •  Due to the innovative rubber formula used in this variant, it facilitates high traction over wet and dry roads. With high traction, this tyre gives a very good grip over rough roads.
  • After all, the Continental SportContact 6 is available in a total of 178 sizes to fit Cars, SUVs, and Trucks.

Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S

  • Pilot Sport 4 S is another best-performing summer tyre variant from Michelin according to many user reviews and even testing sources.
  • This passenger tyre enhances vowing short braking distance on dry and wet lanes.
  •  MichelinPilot Sport 4 S provides promotes more grip. This is due to the high traction of this tyre.
  • This summer variant from Michelin the outstanding handling on wet and dry roads effortlessly.
  • The innovative tread compound used in this model promotes excellent low-fuel consumption.
  • Sport 4 S aids in outstanding low rolling resistance as it comes with long-lasting tread wear.
  • Besides, this tyre’s specially designed deeper tread aids in exceptional braking and cornering over any surface.
  • The high traction of this tyre enables superior aquaplaning resistance.
  • After all, these premium summer Tyres Sunderland are available in a bulk of 167 sizes.


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