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Netgear Extender Showing Red Light? Here’s The Fix!

Got the Netgear extender setup done at home. Suddenly it started showing a red light. Worrying about why your Netgear range extender is showing red light? You have landed on the right post. In this article, you will find the correct solution to fix the red light issue. You will also find the reason why your extender is red. This guide is meant to give you clear and to-the-point solutions for the issue under discussion. Thus without any delay, let’s get started.

Netgear Extender Red Light: Meaning

A red light on the Netgear WiFi range extender means nothing but a poor connection. In normal conditions, the LED shows solid green color. If it is red, this means somewhere some connection to the extender is weak. It can be due to excessive distance between the devices or power outage or maybe there is WiFi interference. Whatever may the cause be, the solutions highlighted ahead will help you. So, let’s get to fix this!

How to Fix Netgear Extender Red Light Issue?

1. Bring Devices Closer

As we said the connection is poor. This means weaker signals. Perhaps the signal transmission between the Netgear extender and the host router is poor. We can fix this by bringing the extender closer to the router. So, pull the extender closer to the router and plug it here in an available wall outlet. But you need to be careful here that you are not placing them neck to neck. The signals of the devices will begin clashing and you are going to fall into another pit of issues.

Once the devices are placed closer to each other, you need to check if the red light issue has been fixed or not.

2. Connect them Wisely

To connect the Netgear WiFi range extender to the host router, you can either choose a wired medium or a wireless medium. If you opt for a wireless medium, there are chances that the signal is getting dropped. Thus we suggest you connect them using an Ethernet cable. But make sure that the cable that you are choosing is in good condition.

Also, ensure making a firm connection between the devices.

3. Reduce Interference

By bringing the devices closer and connecting them using the Ethernet cable, if the issue does not get fixed then, there is a possibility of network interference causing the red light issue. If there are some devices or appliances in your home that releases EM waves, then it is no time that you relocate your extender away from them.

4. Check Power Supply to Extender

Maybe the extender is not receiving the proper power supply. The poor power connection can also result in the red light issue. Thus check the power cable if it is damaged or not plugged in correctly into the power socket. Also, check the power socket for damage. Make the required changes to ensure an adequate power supply to the Netgear wireless extender.

5. Reboot Netgear Extender

There is a possibility that technical glitches are the reason behind the issue under discussion. The cause for the technical glitches remains unknown but they can cause some serious issues with the technical devices. You can easily get rid of them by rebooting your Netgear extender. Power off your extender immediately and let it this way for a couple of minutes. After a while when you think the extender has had enough recovery time, power it up again. Once the Netgear extender is booted up completely, see if the red light is still there or not. If it is adamant to leave, then do not worry, you are still left with the final step in our troubleshooting process.

6. Reset Extender

There can be certain other unknown reasons that can affect the Netgear extender. Or maybe there is an issue with the current configurations of the extender. You can reset your extender to the factory settings and fix this. You need to press the Reset button on your extender to get this job done. Once you have reset the device, it has the default settings restored to it. You need to set it up from scratch. Use the web browser method or the Netgear Genie app to set up the extender again.

In a Nutshell

With this, we conclude our piece of write-up that helps to resolve the Netgear WiFi range extender red light issue. We are sure that you are now enjoying impeccable internet access using your extender.



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