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NextGen Meditouch – A Closer Look

HealthFusion acquired MediTouch in 2016 and rebranded it as NextGen Office. It offers a complete suite of medical record management capabilities, including financial analytics and free text editing. It’s a convenient and user-friendly medical record system. Let’s take a closer look at this medical record system. In this article, you’ll discover why NextGen is the right choice for your practice. We’ve also compared the NextGen Meditouch software with its competitors.


HealthFusion acquired MediTouch in 2016

When HealthFusion acquired MediTouch in 2016, they added another important tool to their repertoire: cloud-based EHR. With MediTouch, health professionals will be able to use the latest software for clinical documentation and billing on the go.

It is an easy-to-use EHR that allows physicians to focus on patient care while ensuring compliance with government healthcare programs. And since the system is cloud-based, physicians will have the option to work on it on PCs, tablets, and smart phones.

Dr. Seth Flam, who founded the company, is now CEO and co-founder of HealthFusion and MediTouch. His work with MediTouch led to the company advancing the distribution of its electronic health record system. He also built relationships with independent medical groups and national medical associations.

He believes that improvements in technology will benefit everyone in the healthcare industry. This explains why he is happy to be part of the HealthFusion team.

It has been rebranded as NextGen Office

The cloud-based EHR, which has been rebranded as NextGen Office, was founded by two family physicians in 1998. The new platform provides specialty-specific content, claims clearinghouse, and a user-friendly patient portal.

It is accessible anywhere, is mobile-friendly, and HIPAA-compliant. It can be used by more than 124,000 healthcare providers in the U.S., making it a popular choice for smaller practices.

NextGen acquired Entrada, a company that developed mobile apps that integrated with several clinical platforms and EHR systems. It previously acquired HealthFusion, a cloud-computing software developer that met the needs of hospitals and physicians with its medical billing services.

HealthFusion was acquired for $150 million by NextGen. In June 2015, NextGen acquired HealthFusion, a provider of electronic health records and billing solutions.

It offers financial analytics

Known for its ease of use and customizable features, NextGen Meditouch has many benefits for physicians. Its interfaces with labs, patient portal, and other interactive features help physicians stay connected with patients. They can send reminders and fax information electronically, as well as manage patient profiles.

Financial analytics are among the many features NextGen offers. It also helps practices identify patient trends and improve financial performance. To learn more, read on.

ERAs are flexible and can be customized to meet the needs of individual medical practices. NextGen features customizable tabs for patient medical records, practice-wide financial analytics, and business intelligence tools.

This helps medical practices improve patient outcomes by identifying patterns in health, which can help determine the appropriate treatment options. This software is easy to use and navigate between multiple billing accounts.

It also has a customizable user interface, making it easy for doctors to navigate between different billing accounts.

It is easy to use

The NextGen medical record software is user-friendly, with clickable tabs that highlight every aspect of the patient’s health. The software will automatically populate the patient chart with the answers from the patient questionnaire, while also allowing you to input additional information.

Using voice dictation, hotkeys and free text fields, you can create and edit custom notes for your patients. The NextGen also has customizable templates that can be customized for specific diagnoses and conditions.

NextGen’s user-friendly interface is intuitive, with a slight learning curve, but you can easily get used to it before your go-live date. The tabs are simple to navigate and include dropdown menus to make your life easier. The system is also versatile and can be used for a variety of needs.

The NextGen interface allows you to seamlessly transition between multiple billing accounts. Once you’ve learned how to use the system, you’ll find it easy to adjust settings and customize the software to fit your practice’s needs.

You can also check out AdvancedMD EHR Review at Software finder to check if it’s good for small practices or not.

Automated appointment reminders

The Automated Appointment Reminders feature of Nextgen Meditouch Closer looks to make your patient’s experience as seamless as possible. NextGen’s scheduling tool will check the insurance coverage of your patients, send them an automatic reminder, and keep track of changes to their appointments.

The next step is to ensure your patient doesn’t miss their scheduled appointment. You’ll be able to set up automated appointment reminders for your patients using NextGen’s secure patient portal.

Using NextGen, you’ll be able to insert images and documents directly into patient notes, including images from the iPad or a stock library. NextGen also includes ICD-10 coding library, allowing you to select a patient’s diagnoses without ever having to leave the application.

Afterward, you’ll be able to pass along your notes to the billing team. Automated appointment reminders for Nextgen Meditouch Closer look further: you can even customize the message you send to patients. Automated appointment reminders can help reduce the number of patient no-shows, saving both your time and money.

Bidirectional interfaces with most labs

Bi-directional interfaces enable seamless, real-time transfer of patient data. Bi-directional systems eliminate redundant information transfers and minimize the risk of errors caused by out-of-date data.

They also reduce the amount of data entry work required by physicians and technicians. As a result, the Nextgen Meditouch Closer can help physicians and technicians focus on improving patient outcomes.

Moreover, it can reduce lab order entry and improve patient safety by reducing the time it takes to enter information from one location to another.

NextGen’s bidirectional interfaces with most labs allow providers to submit and retrieve patient test results electronically. The software graphs lab results over time and provides insight into practice goals and score improvement recommendations.

NextGen offers three types of pricing: free, lite and enterprise. The prices are variable. However, they are competitive. You can choose from a free trial of NextGen to determine which one best fits your practice’s needs.

Automatic detection of medication interactions

The NextGen Meditouch Closer looks at patient charts to automatically detect the interactions between drugs and other treatments. It uses a patient portal that allows patients to submit preintake forms through the application. The responses populate the patient’s chart.

Additionally, NextGen allows you to add additional information for each patient. The NextGen software has custom templates that help you set up each patient chart. You can even add your own custom fields and templates.

The NextGen EHR offers strong reporting capabilities. You can run reports on a recurring basis, set ad-hoc reports, and save bookmarks. All reports can be filtered by various criteria. You can even set recurring reports, including appointment and drug interactions.

There are also options for monthly reports on refills. This software even notifies the preferred pharmacy, which helps keep you organized.

Secure patient portal

NextGen’s secure patient portal allows staff to quickly and easily create new appointments by clicking on available time slots and filling out a pop-up form. The secure patient portal can also be used by patients to request appointments.

Patients can also view their current appointments and make changes to them right from their secure patient portal. In addition, they can submit appointment requests and track those changes. Using the secure patient portal is a great way for NextGen staff to communicate with patients and improve the quality of their care.

One of the most common reasons patients use a secure patient portal is to schedule appointments. Online appointment scheduling makes it easier for patients to manage their appointments and check their prescriptions, while secure electronic messaging provides another avenue for communication.

Patients who use patient portals report improved patient engagement and compliance with healthcare practices. A study published in Medical Care found that online refills of medication helped patients improve their cholesterol levels and medical adherence.

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