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Reasons a Chromebook Is the Perfect Business Companion

I have to tell you something interesting, and that is I have got a new business-mate.

Well, I can tell you that I am the least interested in tech and more interested in life. Maybe that is why I found myself using my computer to make documents and power point presentations only.

However, for about 7 months, I have been using my Chromebook. It’s from Samsung. I am happy with how it works and how it fills the void of my traditional Windows 10 Laptop, which I use for personal agendas.

I am not trying to say anything against the Windows 10 OS or the devices. You can say I am trying to make you wise concerning a Chromebook. I have found out that it works fantastically for a business. Read to learn more about this.

Why Chromebooks Mean a Better Business 

People have asked me a million times why I use a Chromebook and not a laptop. This was also a curious question from my direct lender when I applied to the professional for fast money loans.

My explanation for all of them is identical. It is that my Chromebook is not meant to compete with my traditional Windows Laptop. I purchased it because I desired a better business companion. In addition, the thing is, I got it.

If you want to know the reasons for that, then you can consider the following points.

  • A Chromebook Can Make Work Faster. It Has a Wonderful Integration with All Google Apps 
  • It’s Always Online
  • You Can Get a Fascinating App Support 
  • It Is Again Well Integrated with Cloud Technology 
  • Data Security and Transfer? EASY!!!
  • It Looks a like a Business Device 
  • And It’s Cheap

Why wait for more to learn about these points? Just scroll down and satiate that hunger for knowledge.

A Chromebook Can Make Work Faster

No wonder this is a valid point for a Chromebook. Chrome OS is an operating system designed by Google. An OS works online, which too in a browser-based system. For this facility, the OS itself is surprisingly lightweight. Now you can make the calculations.

Ever wondered when you walk up to the board meeting to present your slides and your laptop takes about 4 minutes to boot and load? Then you add another extra minute to get it to shake off the snooze any old or used laptop suffers.

I am not saying it has to happen. Even if you put your laptop in sleep mode, the device can be hanging or running slowly. This usually happens with devices that have an OS which might be heavy.

Chrome OS is so lightweight that it needs minimal hardware requirements. More than that, it runs at a smooth speed because of the nature of the OS. Hence, you can present your slides almost immediately after you put the laptop down on the table.

A fast presentation can get the job done, right?

It Has a Wonderful Integration with All Google Apps

In the world of business, apps such as Google Docs or Google Sheets make a lot of sense.

The good news is that you can find a good and stable integration of these apps in your Chromebook. It is because the Chrome OS made by Google has been created to offer optimisation and support to any Google App you use for business.

You will get direct access to these apps from the home screen. You won’t need much time to load the apps because they are constantly updated and open for you to use.

It’s Always Online

No worries if you are using the Chromebook in an offline environment. It will definitely work as modern devices are embedded with offline support. Chrome OS has been primarily made keeping in mind the browser-based apps, which require a data connection or Wi-Fi.

When you start your Chromebook, switching from the offline to the online mode is going to happen more smoothly because the device OS will pick the signals up. It will also work fine online as apps you have to use in a Chromebook belong to the ‘online apps’ category.

So, you need not be concerned about whether or not the device is online. You start it up, and you can immediately access all online applications.

You Can Get a Fascinating App Support

From a self-owned businesses to a large enterprise, everyone is in need of Android apps. Did you count how many apps you have on your phone? Probably not! If you do so, then you will find a good number of applications. Chances are you are using more than half of them for your business.

Isn’t it good if you could have seamlessly accessed these Android apps from the comfort of a device that functions as a full-fledged laptop? You have got the Chromebook.

It Is Again Well Integrated with Cloud Technology

Let’s say you have your work migrated to the Cloud, and you sit down in a café that has a temporary shutdown of free Wi-Fi. Well, stop worrying. In case you have the work uploaded in the Cloud, you can still access it offline using your Chromebook.

Due to being a Cloud-centric device thanks to the app support and the browser-based OS, a Chromebook can give you a comfortable time using it in the Cloud ecosystem.

Data Security and Transfer? EASY!!!

So, you are saying that you have got coffee all over your Chromebook, and now it is not working? Okay, so you want a new device because your 3-year-old kid thought it was a plaything and shattered it on the ground? You can relax.

All your data is already uploaded to the Cloud. Besides, the online browser-based OS is going to store data on the servers and not directly on the device.

Buy a new Chromebook and use your information to log in to the apps you use. You will get all your data retrieved.

It Looks a like a Business Device

Of course, a Chromebook is sleeker. It looks wonderfully business-like. Due to less hardware packed inside, manufacturers can make even slimmer and more elegant devices for you.

And you can use this to your advantage. If you look good with the Chromebook complimenting you, then you’re a step closer to success.

To Conclude: It’s Cheap

Well, most Chromebooks are not highly-priced. They are even cheaper than a traditional Macbook or a Windows Laptop.

You can literally save half of the money you invest in buying a Windows Laptop if you choose to purchase a Chromebook. Save some more money by purchasing it with the help of fast money loans. It is because you can use the money to protect your savings and pay back the money from your income in an organised way.

If you really want a Chromebook, then you can take it as one of the most useful devices at this time. It is because technologies are changing. In this time of diversification, you can get a lot from a Chromebook even if you have a low budget.

These are great devices for students too. Therefore, don’t delay your decision. Do some research and find a good deal by price comparison. Check the device features carefully before buying.

Description: Things have changed in the business world. It is pointing towards the Chromebook as a new business tool. Learn a few reasons why that is a true statement.



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