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Ruinsara Tal Trek – A beautiful lake in Uttarakhand

The Ruinsara Lake hike is located in a remote, peaceful setting surrounded by glistening hills. The walk passes through charming towns, flower-filled alpine meadows, moraine ridges, and glacier basins on the way to stunning vistas of the Swargarohini peaks I, II, and III, Bandarpoonch, and the renowned Black peak and Ruinsara Tal Trek.

At the base of Mount Black Peak in Uttarakhand, at a distance of roughly 14 kilometres from Osla/Seema, is the clear-water Ruinsara Lake. In the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, the Ruinsara Tal walk is a very popular and alluring location for hikers. It is bordered by Alpine Pastures and stunning Rhododendron blooms.


By the locals of the Har-Ki-Doon valley, the lake is regarded as a sacred one. You may get a closer look at Mount Blackpeak, the Ruinsara range, Bandarpoonch, and Swargarohini peak from the Lake, which is close to the Supin River’s source. Additionally, the lake makes for a great camping area simply by virtue of its location beneath the Bandarpoonch Glacier. There are some pretty intriguing urban legends around this location. The inhabitants in this area have the belief that the Pandavas used this route to ascend to Heaven via Swargarohini and that they roamed the forests there during their 14-year exile. This location is connected to Hindu mythology.

You will pass through some of the most stunning and uncomplicated Himalayan villages on this journey, complete with wooden houses and temples everywhere where the locals worshipped their deities. You will get the opportunity to interact with them and become a part of their culture, getting to know them on a personal level.

How to reach:

By air:

The closest airport to Dehradun is Jolly Grant Airport, which is conveniently located and only 25 kilometres from the city.

By train:

the train station in Dehradun. Nanda Devi Express and Dehradun Express are overnight trains that depart from Delhi. People frequently choose trains over aeroplanes because they can experience the scenery in all its splendour on trains, and they can also save money while travelling to Dehradun.

By road:

Regular bus service is offered from Delhi ISBT Kashmere Gate. These buses are operated by the government and are safer than those operated by the private sector.

Itinerary of the trek:

DAY-1: Sankri from Dehradun:

It’s a gorgeous trip to Sankri; you’ll enjoy lovely views from your window as you pass through Dehradun, Mussoorie, Nainbagh, Damta, Newman, Purola, Mori, and Netwar, all of which are picturesque Himalayan towns. In the Uttarkashi district’s Govind Wildlife Sanctuary is Sankri, a village with a small market well known for its delicious food served in wooden huts. Here, there are apple orchards and lots of greenery.

DAY-2: From Sankri to Taluka and then from there to Seema:

After eating breakfast, take a taxi to Taluka, which is 11 kilometres from Sankri. From there, you can take a brief break before beginning your journey to Cheludgad. This area is home to a variety of animals because it is rich in flora and fauna. 

Trees accompany you as you walk through the dark forest, and you may see Langoors dangling from one tree to another there. There, you can hear birds chirping frequently and view uncommon bird species. This region is home to the Himalayan Monal, Uttarakhand’s state bird.

DAY-3: Seema to Dev Bugyal:

Today’s trip is 7 km long, so bring a packed lunch. Start off in the direction of Devsu Bugyal, and as you ascend, you will be able to take in some breathtaking vistas of snow-covered peaks, broad valleys, and some tumbling waterfalls in Ruinsara Tal Trek.

Go through a dense pine and oak forest now, walking in the shadow of the trees while listening to the sound of falling leaves. On the route to the campsite, you may see some of the Himalayan birds and animals that live here because of the area’s abundant alpine greenery.

DAY-4: Dev Bugyal to Ruinsara lake:

In order to break up the long trip to Ruinsara Lake from the Devsu Bugyal campground, carry lunch with you on your journey. You will be enthralled by the up-close vistas of mountains covered in snow and with gushing waterfalls after ascending.

After this segment, you must cross a bridge over Supin, therefore proceed with caution since the path is muddy and treacherous in certain spots.

DAY-5: Ruinsara lake to dev bugyal:

Bid adieu to this tranquil Lake and follow the same breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains and open valleys back to Devsu Bugyal.

DAY-6: Dev Bugyal to Taluka

DAY-7: SAnkri to dehradun

Best time for trekking:

The ideal months to visit Ruinsara Trek are late May through mid-June and September through the first week of October (Except Monsoon season.)


Ruinsara lake trek is one of the best lake treks that you can probably think of doing. This trek allows you to see the beauty of nature in its true form which in itself is admirable. You can rest assured that you will not regret your trip Ruinsara Tal Trek.

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