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Shop Fitting Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a vibrant city that has a long history in many sectors, from financial and industrial services to digital media. It’s an exciting place to live and work.

Shop fitting is no longer just about installing shelves and lighting, it’s about delivering experiences for customers. This can mean building stages and using art installations to create a unique environment.

Past and Present Mercantile

Located in a historic building that dates back to the early 1900s, Past and Present Mercantile is one of the many treasure troves for antique enthusiasts. This shop fitting Aberdeen specializes in a variety of collectible items including vintage clothing, furniture and more. Its layout is an antique mall that allows visitors to easily navigate through vendor stalls and explore the collection. It’s a great place to find a unique gift for the loved ones in your life.

The Mercantile is a favorite of locals, and is home to several locally made products, including a variety of handmade soaps. The gift shop also hosts “mudlarking” outings, where people can discover a variety of artifacts along the Chehalis River. The shop also has a gallery that showcases the work of local artists, with works that range in price.

Dream Secondhand Store

If you’re looking for a shop fitting Dundee experience like no other, the Dream Secondhand Store is the place to be. This massive 16,000 square foot store has something for everyone – from clothing for the men, women and children to large furniture pieces, appliances and more.

The staff at this thrifty treasure trove of a shop are all about the trifecta of customer service, quality merchandise and low prices. Visit their Facebook page for more information. The best part is you can take home a unique memento of your time in this small town. The best way to get a feel for the experience is to make a trip down.

Aberdeen Thrift City

If you are looking for a thrift store that offers affordable merchandise, then Aberdeen Thrift City is a great place to shop. They have a wide range of clothing and home furnishings, and you can expect to find some really amazing deals when shopping at this store.

A part of the city since 2008, this thrift store offers customers a one-stop shopping experience with their large inventory. Their staff dedicates a great deal of time to reselling useable items that would otherwise be sent to landfills. You can expect to find everything from clothing for men, women, and children to kitchen appliances and furniture.

The inventory changes often, so it is important to visit this store on a regular basis. Daily specials and color tag sales are always a great way to get your hands on some bargain priced merchandise.

This store is a favorite of many local residents. Their large selection of clothes, electronics, and furniture make this a great place to go when you want something new to wear, but are on a budget.

They have triple color tag sales on Sundays and 50-75% off other days of the week. The clothing is typically not quality, but they do carry some nice pieces. The furniture isn’t as organized as I would like, but it is still a great place to find some items for your home.

Earthwise Architectural Salvage is another thrift store in Aberdeen that brings together a wide variety of unique and beautiful homewares. From chandeliers to claw foot tubs, this antique store will have you looking around in wonder while browsing for a piece to add some character to your home.

Earthwise Architectural Salvage

Located in the heart of the city’s industrial district, this isn’t your average furniture or appliance store. This gem of a find is not only a showcase for some of the Pacific Northwest’s finest wares, but a nirvana for anyone who has the bug for re-purposed old stuff. Among the dozens of items in their inventory, they have their hands on the most coveted treasures. Aside from their burgeoning retail operations, the shop also has a growing list of satisfied clients.



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