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Simple Guidelines to Setup New Netgear Dynamic DNS Account

Dynamic or DNS is known to provide a stable domain name for a network thereby allowing users to access a network even when the ISP as in the Internet Service Provider might change the IP address. The thing is that you can enable this feature on your Netgear wireless router. You can do so by following the step-by-step instructions mentioned in this post.
For your information, whether you have performed a Netgear AC1600 setup or a Netgear N300 setup, the DNS feature can be enabled on every Netgear router with ease. Let us teach you how.

How to Setup Netgear Dynamic DNS Account?

1. Plug in the Netgear Router

Commence the process by supplying power to your Netgear wireless router. You can do the needful by plugging your router into an active wall socket and pressing the power button located on the device. Wait for some time and let the LED on the router become solid.
Note: It is recommended that you wait thoroughly for the LED to become stable. Otherwise, you might have to restart or power cycle the networking device.

2. Connect the WiFi Devices

After that, you need to connect the networking devices, i.e. the Netgear wireless router and the existing modem with the assistance of the Ethernet cable. Although using an Ethernet cable is a safe option to consider, you can also pair the devices with the help of a wireless source.

Note: Make sure that the Ethernet cable that you are using is not worn out. Also, the ports located on your devices should not be damaged.

3. Open an Internet Browser

Right after you are done connecting the networking devices with the help of a source of your choice, open an internet browser on your laptop. Ensure that it is updated and free of cache, cookies, and browsing history to prevent you from experiencing technical issues.
Note: Whatever web browser you choose to use, ensure that it is running on its updated version. This way enabling the Dynamic DNS feature will become easy for you.

4. Access

In the web address bar of the internet browser, you are required to enter and press the Enter key on the keyboard. In case refuses to work for you, in that case, you need to access the router’s login page using the default IP address.

5. Log in to the Netgear Router

Once you have made your way to the Netgear router login page, the default admin login details need to be entered by you under the Username and Password field. Click the Login button to get redirected to the Netgear Genie smart setup or setup wizard.

6. Setup Dynamic DNS Account

As soon as you have made your way to the dashboard of the Netgear wireless router, you need to select Advanced > Advanced Setup > Dynamic DNS. For your information, some models use different menu labels, for example, Settings > Advanced Settings > Dynamic DNS.

Click on the User a Dynamic DNS Service option. A new screen will appear asking you to select your Service Provider. Do so in the Service Provider menu and after that, enter your email address, hostname, and at last, password. Click on Apply.

In this manner, you will be able to enable the Dynamic DNS account on your Netgear wireless router. Now, the question arises, how to verify whether the DDNS configuration is working or not? Well, for that, you need to refer to the guidelines mentioned in the following section.

How to Check Dynamic DNS Configuration Status?
First of all, access the web user interface of your Netgear wireless router by referring to the guidelines mentioned in the user manual. Go to the Dynamic DNS page and click on the Show Status option. Ensure that the IP address listed is matching the WAN IP address of your router.
For more information regarding how to check Dynamic DNS configuration status, it is recommended that you refer to the guidelines covered in the manual that came along with your Netgear wireless router at the time of purchase.

Sum Up
This was all about how you can set up the Dynamic DNS account on your Netgear wireless router using the manual method. Hopefully, after following the instructions given in this article, you will be able to do what you came here for.
What do you think of this post? Did you like reading it? Well then, if you have a few words of appreciation that should reach us, then type them in the comment section. That way your fellow readers will be able to see your feedback as well.



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