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Steps to get additional protection with bike insurance add-ons

As a bike owner, getting a comprehensive policy rather than 3rd party bike insurance is a wiser decision to get protected against unforeseen circumstances. Although third-party insurance is mandatory by law, having all-inclusive coverage goes a long way in helping you achieve all your requirements. A comprehensive plan has both its own damage cover and 3rd party coverage in single insurance. If you have specific coverage needs, you can very well opt for a proficient add-on plan from the myriad of options available in the market. The Acko bike insurance is one of the best-selling plans in recent times, which you can get for yourself. 

To help you further, here are some steps on how to get additional protection with bike insurance add-ons. Keep reading to know more!

Steps to get additional protection with bike insurance add-ons:

Opting for add-on covers is effortless. All you need to do is to analyse the available options and opt for the best plan according to your needs. Before finalising the add-on covers, select whether you want comprehensive or 3rd party bike insurance. An add-on cover gets available only in the comprehensive insurance policy. You can also get your add-on covers during bike insurance renewal. There are no external hassles associated with it. Here is how you can add to your policy:

  1. At the time of purchase:

You may opt for one or more add-ons to your base plan while buying the insurance policy online. The Acko bike insurance offers various add-ons to the users. You can also tell the executive to add add-on covers to your plan while buying the policy through an agent or company. The majority of the buyers try to opt for add-on covers while they purchase their bike insurance. 

  1. At the time of renewal:

You also have the option to purchase add-ons during the policy renewal. You can add these add-ons to your base plan online or offline. By doing so, you can easily change, edit or include new add-ons according to your changing demands and needs. 

Now that you are aware of the steps, let us know the add-ons offered by the Acko bike insurance:

  1. Zero depreciation cover:

Every two-wheeler is subject to regular wear and tear. Due to this, there is a recurring depreciation of the vehicle parts. The depreciation amount gets deducted while calculating the final settlement when you raise a claim for the insured vehicle. Here the Zero depreciation cover comes to the rescue. The Acko bike insurance provides this cover that will mitigate the additional financial burden due to your two-wheeler’s depreciation. Thus, the insurer will pay the bill without the depreciation percentage on the bike parts. However, the 3rd party bike insurance does not include these add-ons. 

  1. Roadside assistance cover:

The Roadside assistance cover is a mechanical help when your vehicle faces a technical breakdown in the middle of the road. You can avail of this facility 24/7 by calling your insurer and providing all the incident details. The add-on is fruitful if you drive in remote areas or cover long distances. Furthermore, you will get more services such as towing the vehicle to the nearest garage, fuel delivery during emergencies, alternative travel, and accommodation arrangement. Moreover, Acko bike insurance also provides 3rd party bike insurance to the users. 

  1. Return to invoice add-on cover:

There is a high risk of your bike being stolen or getting damaged in a collision. You will be eligible to claim the insured declared value if you possess a valid comprehensive insurance policy with a return to invoice add-on cover. The police will issue a certificate for claiming monetary compensation for failing to find your stolen insured vehicle. Moreover, you may opt the 3rd party bike insurance from Acko bike insurance

  1. Engine and gearbox add-on cover:

The Acko bike insurance also provides an engine and gearbox add-on cover. The engine is the heart and the most crucial part of the vehicle. However, a comprehensive bike insurance policy offers holistic coverage but does not cover any damage to your bike’s engine or gearbox. 

Hence, with this add-on cover, you get protected against any damage to your engine. Moreover, you may also opt for 3rd party bike insurance offered by the insurance company. 

  1. Consumables add-on cover:

Several items get consumed in the repairing process when your damaged bike goes to a garage. Such consumables include nuts, bolts, screws, bearings, clips, engine oil, filter, and distilled water, adding amounts to the bill. Under the insurance policies, the insurance companies do not compensate for these consumables. However, you may save costs by opting for the consumables add-on cover. In this cover, the insurer will bear all the consumables cost without hurting your pocket. Moreover, you may opt the 3rd party bike insurance from Acko bike insurance




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