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7 Brilliant Ideas For Summer Wedding Photography 2023

Summers are about long sunny days, and due to this reason, several couples marry during this season. And several photographers got a chance to shoot a warm Summer Wedding Photography—full of pastel colors and bright sunshine. Although there are numerous upsides to photographing summer weddings, intense heat and too much sun exposure make it difficult to click eye-catching photos. 

Being a savvy wedding photographer in Somerset or any other city, one needs to be very tactful to shoot captivating couple pictures in burning temperature. Also, it would help if you guide clients in choosing clothes, venue and makeup so that it won’t affect your efforts to take great photos.

This guide is about 8 brilliant ideas to be a bit creative with your summer wedding shot. Read till the end to make the best out of your photography skills.

  • Ask Your Clients To Choose Summer-Friendly Attires

This is a crucial step in your wedding photography. You should ask your clients to choose summer-friendly attires that are suitable for the heat and humidity of the summer months. This will help them feel more relaxed, resulting in better photos and ensuring that your photos will be as beautiful as possible, even in extreme conditions.

It would be best if you also suggest clients dress up in bright colours and pastel tones such as white and blue to add a fresh feel to the images and make them look more appealing.

  • Do Not Miss Out On Golden Hours

Summer weddings are a lovely time of year because people tend to be outdoors more often than in winter. However, this does not mean that the whole day of summer is suitable for a photoshoot. Top somerset wedding photographers suggest taking advantage of the golden hours of the day—-the last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise. Golden hours, also known as magical hours, remove blemishes and add a fantastic soft-tan touch to the pictures. Keeping a slot to shoot in these magical hours is imperative to get beautiful outdoor photos in the summer. 

  • Create A Shot List

In order to create a stunning photo collection for your client’s portfolios, you must ensure you have everything planned. This way, you will not miss any opportunities during the wedding event! You should create a list containing all of your client’s favourite shots. Schedule a meeting with them beforehand to discuss a list of significant guests that need to be captured. Also, ask them about specific poses they require in the wedding album. 

  • Light Diffuser Can Make A Difference

The sun’s bright light can cause harsh shadows, which are hard to hide with colour correction or fill-in tools in Photoshop. This is where diffusion comes in handy; it allows you to reduce the intensity of the light and create softer shadows instead. Most renowned wedding photographers prefer to invest in high-quality diffusers to provide the best results.

  • Prefer To Shoot In The Shade

Shooting in the shade can be tricky since it makes it harder for your camera to see something. However, this does allow you to create unique looks that would be impossible under direct sunlight. If you’re shooting portraits, you can use this technique by placing several umbrellas over their heads. This will cover your subject but still have some direct sunlight hitting them directly, resulting in amazing pics.

  • Focus More On Candid Pictures

Your main goal when shooting candid photos is to capture spontaneous moments in time. This means you should focus more on composing your shots rather than worrying about getting every last detail right. For example, if bridesmaids are laughing while taking photos in their pink dresses, don’t worry about getting them all perfectly lined up with their faces in focus. Just get their smiles and let the rest fall into place naturally.

  • Suggest Your Clients Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is the most common problem during summers that can ruin the photographs. Many wedding photographers face this issue very often. Therefore, you should suggest your client drink plenty of fluids the whole day during the wedding ceremony. This will preserve the glow on your subject’s face and result in appealing pictures.

The Bottom Line-:

Follow the above tips to shoot stand-out images during summer, and stay tuned to learn more ways to succeed as a wedding photographer.

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