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That’s right! While you are searching the Internet

You may wonder why Google, Youtube or any company that operates websites that offer videos has made YouTube illegal. After all, it is easy to view and embed YouTube videos online using a free internet browser and player software.

A 3rd party website can also easily host embedded YouTube videos. These websites are generally referred to as YouTube clones. Why would anyone object to the use of YouTube clones? The answer is simple. A company named Google decided to make it illegal to play YouTube videos online.

They claim that YouTube’s format is patented and copyrighted. They have sent out cease and desist letters to websites that are hosting YouTube videos in formats that don’t follow YouTube’s format. As a result of Google’s youtube vanced actions, you may have to switch to a different website to watch videos.

This will reduce the number of websites that provide video content online. If you have to visit a different website, you may end up visiting other sites, or worse, being redirected to pornography. That’s right! While you are searching the Internet, you may end up seeing a pornographic site.

There are also many cases where you may land on a page that is trying to scam you. Many of these pages are similar to porn sites. As a result of Google’s actions, many websites may disappear from the Internet.



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Google search engine

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