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The Enticing Career Scope after Finishing BBA Course in Bangalore

After earning a graduate degree in BBA, students have access to various employment opportunities. Still, not all students know the various paths they might pursue to build a successful career. Let’s talk about the BBA career alternatives that are out there for you to look into if you want to have secure employment chances in the future. Check every option on the list and get the best  BBA college in Bangalore since you could be surprised by some of the job options we’ve highlighted.

Let’s start now.

Here is a list of some excellent courses you can choose from after earning a BBA:

  • Specialize in Management (MBA)

The most well-liked and second-best course after BBA is the MBA, which is offered to students. There are various employment choices available after earning a BBA, but an MBA is the best option for those who wish to continue their education.

You can seek leadership positions in several industries, such as banking and finance, with a Master of Business Administration degree. After two years to complete your MBA, you can apply for managerial positions in business sales, business development, human resources, finance, and related areas. One of the popular courses after a BBA is an MBA.

  • Become a Data Scientist

When considering your options after earning a BBA, Data science is a novel solution to the problem of what to do after a BBA. Many individuals believe that data science is just for IT graduates. Even with a BBA, you can work as a data scientist!

Both organized and unstructured data may provide data scientists with new insights. They make strategies, apply those insights to produce more innovative judgments, and assist their clients in achieving the most significant outcomes. It is among the greatest courses available following a BBA.

  • Join Public Services (UPSC)

If you’re unsure about your next steps after earning a BBA, consider considering a career in government. You can prepare for the coveted civil service test administered by the Union Public Service Commission.

Each year, the UPSC holds this test. Based on the results, it chooses applicants for several civil services, such as the Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, Indian Foreign Service, and others. With an average of over a million applicants for the preliminary test, it’s one of the most challenging exams in the world.

  • Become a Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is one of the most well-liked post-BBA employment possibilities. You may get knowledge about digital marketing and support the expansion of enterprises online. The importance of digital marketers has increased along with the growth of the internet market. The value of the digital marketing sector as of right now is $68 billion. This is one of the most outstanding courses available after BBA since, among other things, it is expanding quickly.

  • Become a Product Manager

Before choosing what to do after earning a Bcom, do you still need options? It can also be the ideal field for you as a BBA degree. Throughout the product’s lifespan, product managers are in charge of planning and executing the product. To guarantee the product’s success, they establish its vision and collaborate closely with sales clerks, engineers, and marketers. You might advance in this profession with the assistance of your business and management expertise. One of the top post-BBA job opportunities is it.

In India, product managers typically make about 15 LPA each year. It is safe to assume that as a novice, you may make between 6 and 7 lakhs per year.


According to analysis, an advanced degree in business administration and management may assist a graduate in commerce in leading their career. In addition, graduates of higher business courses like BBA, MBA, B. Com, M. Com, etc., should be able to find more fulfilling jobs. RIBS Bangalore is the best BBA college in Bangalore. You can contact us for BBA course admission.

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