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The Pulsar 200 NS: Redefining what it means to be a 200cc motorcycle

Summary – The NS 200 has been on sale since 2012. The bike has redefined the 200 CC streetfighter bike segment of India. Read on to know more.

The leading motorcycle manufacturer in India is Bajaj Auto. The OEM’s market share has been increasing since 2012.

What’s so special about 2012 in the brand history of Bajaj Auto?

Well, 2012 was the year when Bajaj Auto introduced the NS 200 to Indians. The latest iteration of the bike entails two trims. The base trim of the bike comes with single-channel ABS. The top trim comes with dual-channel ABS. The base trim costs Rs. 1, 67,283. The top trim costs Rs. 1, 73,140. (Please note that the prices mentioned here are ex-showroom Delhi).

The bike, irrespective of its trim can be bought with the following colour options.

  • Burnt Red
  • Metallic Pearl White
  • Pewter Grey
  • Satin Blue
  • Ebony Black 
  • Pearl Metallic White

This motorcycle has been on sale for more than a decade. Then how come it still tops the sales charts?

Well, several factors work to keep the NS 200 relevant even in 2023. Some of those reasons are mentioned in the sections below.

The bike still is a head turner

The latest iteration of the NS 200 comes with the original curves and creases of the 2012 iteration.

The overall design of the bike was kept unchanged as buyers are still in love with the way the NS 200 looks. Hence, it doesn’t make sense to change something if it is not broken, right!?

The latest iteration of the bike retained its impressive headlamp unit that is flanked by two pilot lamps. The fuel tank also retained its muscular design. The sharp and distinct styling of the tail lamp and the tail section of the bike are also retained.

The engine was is and always will be second to none!

The NS 200 has a marvellous engine. The unit was built by Bajaj from the ground up by taking a lot of input from KTM’s engineers. The NS 200’s engine is a 199 CC, single-cylinder, fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, BS6-phase-2-ready unit. The engine is equipped with three spark plugs. The engine can produce a peak power of 24.13 bhp.

The peak torque produced by the engine is 18.74 Nm. The 200 CC engine is also quite fuel efficient. The NS 200 mileage, in the rear world is 36 KMPL! The engine is paired with a six-speed gearbox that comes with a wet multiplate clutch. The electronically limited top speed of this bike is 125 KMPH.

The ride quality of the NS 200 is still unmatched

The ride quality offered by the NS 200 is also unlike any other Bajaj bike. The pressed steel perimeter frame is one of the reasons why the NS 200 handles so well. The suspensions on the bike are medium-tuned. (A medium-tuned suspension setup allows the bike to remain stable at all speeds).

The properly tuned rear swing arm of the bike also allows riders to tackle corners at high speeds. The rider gets to sit on the bike with an aggressive riding stance. This is due to the aggressive riding triangle of the bike thanks to the low handlebar and rear-set footrests. An aggressive riding stance offers the rider more command over the vehicle as the centre of gravity of the bike comes closer to the ground. (A bike with a low centre of gravity handles well and remains stable).

The seat height of the bike is also perfect for easy mounts and dismounts from the saddle of the bike. The high ground clearance of the bike also allows the rider to take the bike for subtle off-road trips. 

The 2023 edition of the NS 200 is here!

Just like the new Pulsar models for 2023, Bajaj also updated the NS 200 for this year. The latest iteration of the bike now comes with a front USD fork suspension. The instrument cluster of the NS 200 now shows fuel economy information and the gear position.

In a nutshell, the Pulsar NS 200 is a BS6-phase-2-compliant street bike. It has the same raw sporty character that came in the 2012 iteration of the bike. The engine delivers a linear performance. The bike offers an impressive ride quality as well.

There is nothing that makes this bike unworthy of one’s hard-earned money, to be honest! However, to make an informed buying decision, test-riding an NS 200 is highly recommended.



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