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The Reason Behind Opting for the Raised Spot Business Cards:-

Business cards are one of the most impeccable marketing tools for any business. The real reason behind this is that it helps in making a first impression and building a strong networking base. However, there are so many types of business cards available that it can be a bit overwhelming to decide which one is right for your company. UV-raised spot business cards are one of the most popular types of business cards out there. These cards are made from a high-quality, durable paper material that has a matte finish. The UV in the name refers to the ultraviolet light used to heal the ink, making it water and fade-resistant. These UV-raised spot business cards are an excellent option for businesses looking to make a good first impression. They are also a good choice for businesses that want a card that will stand up to constant use.

A UV coating is composed of compounds that dry under UV rays to form a solid layer that protects the coating from fading. So whenever you hand your prospect a slick, shiny business card with the confidence of business professionalism, they’ll know you’re more interested in doing business with them. This card’s protective plastic coating keeps dirt, dust, grease, and grime from building up on your paper. If you’re earnest about your selling, a UV coating on your business card can go a long way in showing your potential customers that you’re the right person for them. These cards must be printed on thick, heavy paper stock, for example, 16-point gloss or 13-point recycled matte.

What does UV mean for business cards?

Spot UV is the ultimate step in the printing procedure. As each layer of ink is placed, all paper laminations are applied, and the drying process begins. So it can be printed on paper as a clear gloss that dries to a finish.

Raised spot business cards are also known as spot-varnished business cards. Although the technical difference is not significant, if you choose the wrong one, it can lead to disappointing results. Silk business cards with UV spots are the most popular of the products. The texture and flat matte create a contrast between the look of silk lamination and the spot gloss areas produced by silk laminated business cards. You can make the most valuable spot UV business cards from the manufacturer, at least with a decent volume on hand. If you want to see what these high-end business cards look like, you can ask for a sample kit from them.

Various types of UV printing: –

In which ways does the Vistaprint spot UV technology function? Spot UV is a transparent polymer coat that is used in certain parts of your design to give raised 3D appearance with a lot of shine. Spot UV can be employed to achieve a 3D effect on logos, large text (10 characters or larger), and other graphic elements that needed an increased 3D look. What is UV printing, and how can we know more about them? A partial high gloss raised UV which has been utilized over certain graphic textiles is referred to as UV-raised printing. The outcome of it has a notable influence on the elements with UV raised and the rest of the design. What is dusting UV? A clear glossy varnish called dusting UV adds a glossy-sheen to your highlighted area. To apply UV dust to specific areas of your design a brush, airbrush, or spray gun is used.

What is a UV matte finish?

It is a type of finish that is applied to give a product a matte look and feel. This finish is usually used to make products from materials such as plastic or metal. The product is applied by using UV light to create a UV matte finish.

UV coating for a glossy finish:-

UV coating is a glossy, gloss-liquid coating that is applied to the surface of print paper and cured with ultraviolet light through a printing press or specific machine. Ultraviolet radiation hardens or cures the coating depending on the application. The surface UV coating does not repel water, although it is water-resistant. An aqueous coating or a lamination process is not the same thing as a UV coating.

Which finish is best for raised spot business cards?

Over here, we do not have any definite answer to this question since it entirely depends on the specific businesses and for what they are looking. Though some finishes are usually been used for business cards, they include gloss, matte, and UV coating. Each of these finishes has its own distinctive benefits that will make your business cards stand out.

At present, we have several different ways to finish our business cards. We can choose from some of the most popular choices, like matte, gloss, fold, and bamboo. Find out why a suitable business card finish is so paramount and how to pick the best one for your company. Those who’re looking for an eye-catching appearance for their business cards can use foiled business plastic cards. The metallic effect of the foil stamp will be very appealing. On the other hand, the velvet-velvety card has a small-velvet touch that matches the matt effect. Your business card will have a very premium experience with the addition of scodix.

The timeless style of eggshell business cards makes them a notable-choice for those who are looking for a professional service. It is a thin, glossy coating that gives your business card some visual impact. Many manufacturers use the finest paper that let them to offer a diverse range of print finishes for all tastes and budgets.



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