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The Secret to Writing Product Descriptions for Any E-commerce Platform

E-commerce has allowed small merchants to compete with established brands.  You may consider it as the great leveler of the consumer goods industry. However, selling stuff online isn’t all sunshine and roses. There are challenges, too. For instance, how can you convince the person behind a screen to trust and buy what you offer? That is where a Product Description comes in. 

Shopping from an e-commerce platform doesn’t allow the same tactile experience one gets from a brick-and-mortar shop. With the latter, customers can actually get a feel of whatever they’re considering buying. As for the former, they have to rely on what they’re told. That’s why you must perfect the art of conveying your message.

Here, we’ll discuss ways to equip your product description with the strongest punch. That is so you can influence your customers to act, or more accurately, purchase. 


Understanding Your Target Audience

When you designed your product, you took into account what your target audience wanted. You likely conducted market research to study the pain points of the demographic you planned to sell to. Now that your products are ready for distribution, you need to stay committed to understanding your target audience

Understanding your audience means knowing how they think or how they might speak. The goal is to write a product description that best resonates with them. That might require mimicking your target audience’s language. For example, if you’re selling to the Gen Z crowd, sprinkling your product description with the slang they use might be a good idea. 

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To best gauge who your target audience is, refer to data analytics from your previous and existing marketing campaigns. You may also conduct an online survey via social media to get a feel of what your customers crave. 


Highlighting Product Features and Benefits

You only have so much digital marketing real estate to tell your story. That means you need to use space wisely. Maximize the character count at your disposal. Highlight features and benefits that will make your product stand out. 

Are you selling organic snacks? Then make sure your product description aptly expresses the legitimacy of your claims. If you have certifications from recognized quality assessors, the better for your street cred. 

Highlighting features and benefits is crucial if you sell technical products, too. For instance, gadgets need to zero in on what they can do. After all, most customers already know what they’re looking for in a new phone or tablet before they shop online. They scan product descriptions and pause for a closer look when they see the exact requirements they’re looking for. 

Lastly, don’t shy away from appropriate visuals.


Using Persuasive Language and Storytelling Techniques

Think of product descriptions as condensed stories. You’re basically narrating your brand story and the products you offer. So, explore storytelling techniques that might work to your advantage. 

For example, are you selling plus-size clothing inspired by your experience with body shaming? Highlight your story for what it’s worth. It will resonate with your target audience that likely went through the same struggles you had to overcome when you had yet to come to terms with your body type. This way, you’re offering a sense of solidarity to your target customers. 

In this regard, mind the language you use. It should be persuasive without coming off as hard-selling. One way to strike that delicate balance is by reading the product description you write out loud. Does it sound natural? Does it flow the way a conversation with a trusted friend would flow? If you’re not satisfied, edit. 

Lastly, maximize user-generated content. From customer testimonials to unpacking videos, always be on the hunt for content you might use from your satisfied customers. They add credibility to whatever story you tell or share. This makes customer data critical in assessing your digital marketing strategy for highly competitive e-commerce platforms.


Optimizing for SEO

You can have an SEO-optimized product description in two ways. 

One is you write a product description that’s too good the keywords organically pop out. The second is more proactive: you search for appropriate keywords before writing. If you’ve already perfected the art and science of product descriptions, the former would be right up your alley. However, if you’ve yet to reach that level of mastery, it’s best to conduct thorough keyword research.

Remember that your content’s prospect of ranking in search engines hinges on how excellent your keyword game is, among other considerations. So, make sure to use the right keywords naturally to get a higher chance of ranking higher on e-commerce platforms. 

Lastly, do not commit the mistake of overstuffing your product description with keywords to the point that they no longer make grammatical sense. The most astute customers will know what you’re doing.


Following Best Practices for Formatting and Structure

The rule of thumb is to keep your product description legible. And remember that legibility will depend on who’s reading your content. For example, the Gen Z audience might be partial to snappy product descriptions, while the boomer crowd doesn’t mind longer copies. 

Moreover, the type of product you sell informs formatting and structure. For instance, a beverage might need fewer words than a gaming computer. The latter has a horde of features, after all. 

Here, it’s important to discern which mix of elements works best. A paragraph of two to three sentences, supplemented with bullet points and images, might do the trick for most products. 


Wrapping It Up

Writing product descriptions is both an art and a science. You must get really creative with it and, at the same time, extremely precise and deliberate. Remember that you’re competing with the attention of customers who have memes, binge-able shows, and group chats waiting for them, not to mention gazillion other products similar to yours. 

Yes, the work’s cut out for you. Although, you cannot just wing it. Instead, you need to master writing a product description that sells. Begin with the tips mentioned above, and you’ll be off to a good start to your e-commerce growth. 

Lastly, ensure that whatever your description promises, the product delivers. That is if you want to establish trust with customers for them to do repeat business with you.



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