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Tips and Tricks to Resolve Gmail App No Connection

When you open Gmail and suddenly encounter with the issue of “no connection” error then it is very intimidating. Because of it, you won’t be able to send or receive emails until the issue is received properly. It is very difficult to tackle such situation as you don’t know what to do next.

Mostly, “Gmail app no connection” issue is cause by the phone not being connected to the internet. When your mobile data is switched off or when your mobile is in airplane mode then you might encounter with the issue while opening Gmail.

What are Major Causes of No Connection in Gmail App?

This part is divided in three sections, let’s have a look at them:

  1. Primary
  2. Social
  3. Promotions

If no connection is being shown in promotion section then the issue is because of bug in the application. This issue is one that Google’s side is to be blamed. It is major because of server issue or bug.

Methods to Resolve “No Connection” Error

Let’s check out some of the methods available to resolve Google “no connection” error issue:

  1. Internet Connection

The first method available to resolve the issue is by checking out phone’s mobile connection. Everyone knows that Gmail require internet to function smoothly. So, you need to check for router or modem and then conduct a speed test. After that, you need to try to load other web pages. If internet is not working then you need to connect with your operator.

  1. Clear Cache

Every application store temporary data in form of cache and the more the application is used, the more cache is accumulated. When cache build up then it start taking up specific space. So, you need to clear the cache for Gmail app and it will assist to reset the application and it will resolve all your issue.

Here are some of the steps that you need to have a look at to smoothly clear the cache in Android devices:

  • Start by long pressing Gmail icon.
  • Choose app info and tap to clear data.

For iPhone device:

  • Choose settings and then tap to user name.
  • Click to manage storage.
  • Select Gmail and then tap to delete documents and data.

After doing it, your application will reset and it will potentially resolve all your bugs.

  1. Remove Data Restrictions

Data restriction is another reason that might lead to the issue of Gmail not connecting to its server. When the users quote for internet usage is reached then it will not allow the application to connect to the internet. So, go to settings and turn off data saving.

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Summing Up

Check out the guide and get the relevant information related to the Gmail app with no connection. While dealing with any other issue such as stop receiving duplicate emails in Gmail then follow the steps properly to resolve the error.



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