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Top 5 Places to Visit Near Odiham

If you are planning to visit Odiham. You should know that the town has some of the most beautiful places in England. In this post. We will talk about some of them so you can decide which one you want to see first!

The Salisbury Plain

The Salisbury Plain is a flat, grassy area in the south of England. It is home to many farms and small villages. As well as large military bases and towns like Salisbury itself (the capital city).

Walkers and cyclists often use the plain’s great walking routes through fields and forests to get out into nature without any other people around them. If you have your own horse or bicycle. Then this would be an ideal place for you because there are plenty of roads here that allow access from one side to another without having too much traffic on them at once – which makes it easier for those who prefer not having other people around their horses or bicycles when they go riding!

You can also go on picnics here if you’d like; there will probably be plenty available when we arrive at this beautiful spot during summertime so we might just do some cooking ourselves instead.


Stonehenge is a prehistoric stone circle located on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire. England. The stones are set within a circular earthwork known as a henge. The monument was built from 3000 BC to 1600 BC. Although some date it back to 5000 BC. The builders erected sarsen and bluestone during three separate phases of construction, beginning with the earliest phase (3000–2200 BCE), followed by another phase between 2200–1800 BCE. and concluding with the largest stones set up after 1800 BCE and enclosed within an outer bank or earthwork enclosure.

At the centre of the site stands one large stone surrounded by several smaller ones. all within an area measuring around 100m in diameter. Additionally, two pits filled with animal bones, which may have been used for ritual ceremonies, are present but now empty due to erosion over time.


Basingstoke is a town in Hampshire, England, on the River Test., about 25 miles (40 km) south of Southampton and 7 miles (11 km) north of the border with Surrey. It is the only town in its Borough of Basingstoke and Deane. The population at the 2011 Census is 73.779 making it the second most populous settlement in southern England after Reading.

The name ‘Basing’ comes from Old English basge (‘beech’). with tun (‘enclosure’). In Anglo-Saxon times it was known as Basegescir or Basingscire. The first element is derived from old English baseg/basge: “the beech tree”.

Romsey Abbey and St Cross Church

Romsey Abbey and St Cross Church is a beautiful place to visit. It is located in the town of Romsey. which is also known as the “Garden Capital of England”. This historic church was built in the 12th century by Edward I and his wife Eleanor of Castile.

Queen Victoria opened Romsey Abbey to visitors in 1853, and since then. It has become one of Hampshire’s most popular tourist attractions. English Heritage designated the building as an ancient monument due to its amazing features. including stained glass windows and statues from different periods throughout history. Including medieval times. Monks constructed the building during this period and worshiped there before moving on to other places, such as Canterbury Cathedral. Where they continued to make artwork out loud with music.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is a castle in Windsor. Berkshire. England. the former royal residence. William the Conqueror founded the castle in 1066 on the site of an existing Roman fortress, And it is now associated with the English monarchy and ranks among the largest castles in Europe. Following William’s death. The castle became part of Henry I’s estate and was utilized by several monarchs over the next few centuries. However, it became largely outdated as a military stronghold during the reign of Henry VIII. In 1540 Charles V moved his court here from Paris and placed it under his own when he became king of France; this meant that all foreign nobles had to pay homage to him by visiting Windsor Palace or Mont St Michel first before travelling further into France itself (although they could still stay there if they wished).

Windsor Castle has been home to many famous people throughout history such as Queen Victoria who visited regularly until her death; also Winston Churchill used its grounds frequently during World War II before moving overseas later on when it started becoming difficult for him due

You can see some of the most beautiful places in England near Odiham.

You can see some of the most beautiful places in England near Odiham.

The Dorset coast is an area that has been attracting people for centuries and there are still many things to do here. The landscapes are stunning. With sandy beaches and rolling hills; you will find many places to walk or cycle along the shoreline. Exploring this part of Britain will not leave you bored as there are plenty of nearby attractions to enjoy.

Traveling in Odiham with Odiham Taxis

What is the best way to travel in Odiham? The best way to travel is by Taxis in Odiham. The advantage of travelling by taxi is that you can easily find taxis and know where they are as well as how much they will cost. If you are planning on going somewhere far from your home town and don’t have enough money for a train ticket or bus ticket. then taking a taxi could be very beneficial for you.


We hope you found our article about the best places to visit near Odiham exciting and enjoyable. If you are a traveller looking for a new adventure. or just someone who likes to explore their surroundings then these five suggestions are sure to make your visit even more memorable.



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