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Top Indian Turmeric Brands

The turmeric plant produces bright yellow spice with an earthy and bitter taste that belongs to the ginger family. Packed with essential nutrients, it contains a bioactive compound called curcumin which effectively treats various chronic and severe diseases.

It is not only created popularity not only in the health sector but it is been used in traditional medicine preparation for ages. Moreover, the presence of anti-bacterial, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging properties has made a wide scope for the best turmeric powder supplier in India to earn at a massive scale. As a consequence, it has become a popular ingredient in the cosmetic industry owing to its potential skin treatment and skin-improving compounds.

The Importance of Sustainably Sourced Turmeric Finger

Organically grown turmeric fingers are more useful and effective in nature if compare to processed turmeric. Comparatively, they possess a high amount of curcumin and other presents healing properties, having longer shelf life than dried turmeric fingers, and    drying turmeric can lose many essential compounds and tend to lower the curcumin amount

Determining the authenticity of turmeric smelling is one of the best ways to figure outing by its color. Organically and sustainably sourced turmeric is free from color adulteration. As a result, organic turmeric finger leads to improving indigestion and leading to a better immune system.

Top Indian Turmeric Brands

Tata Sampan Turmeric Powder

The Tata sampan turmeric powder is made of whole spice organically consisting of natural oil. Rich flavored and great aroma of turmeric spice. Packed with all nutrition and have a high authenticity. Mesmerizing taste with enriched flavors. One of the top turmeric powder supplier in India

Catch turmeric powder certified farms using organic methods source Catch turmeric powder, producing fresh and authentic turmeric fingers with high curcumin content. Packed with minimal human interference, it offers quality, an intense aroma, and the perfect flavor that enriches Indian dishes. Being a turmeric finger supplier in India we have exported to almost every international country 

Haldi Is Basically Known Best For Therapeutic Practice.

Vedaka Turmeric Powder

100% organic and authentic in nature with intense colors and flavors. No artificial colors and flavors are added to our turmeric powder, thoroughly powdered consisting of all the nutrition.

This brand is consistent in quality and no preservatives are used in turmeric powder. This undergoes rigorous laboratory tests in order to meet FSSAI food safety norms.

Dekentmerchandise is also one of the leading turmeric finger suppliers in India, supplying the best quality turmeric with no artificial color & flavor, or preservatives used. Authentic and organically grown and enriched with high curcumin content.

Hygienically packed turmeric powder primarily undergoes stringent laboratory tests with the purpose to meet FSSAI norms.

Everest Turmeric Powder

India originated and uses Everest turmeric powder, which is packed with 100% nutrients. Fresh and pure haldi ranges undergo hygienic packing before delivery.

High curcumin content is present in turmeric powder.


It is the top growing spice supplier that doesn’t deal in multiple spices; nevertheless, turmeric is the top supplying product all across the country. is the top turmeric supplier in India that supplies and delivers all product ranges.

In addition to this, it comprises bright yellow color and all intense aromatic flavors

Patanjali Turmeric PowderThe Patanjali brand, well-recognized globally, supplies authentic and organic quality products with integrity. With the best spices suppliers including, black pepper supplier, green cardamom supplier, and cinnamon supplier, Patanjali is the top turmeric powder exporter in India.



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