14 of the best remote jobs to consider in 2023

remote jobs

Learn about fourteen of the best remote jobs that you may like to pursue as a career. Consider these 14 Top Remote Jobs in 2023 suggested by Dojoit.com

Consider 14 Top Remote Jobs in 2023

The attractive advantages of remote employment have piqued the interest of many people. Having a job, you can do from home can save you time and money by removing the need for a daily commute and the expenditures associated with maintaining a typical office space.

remote jobs

Some telecommuters, like freelancers, value the independence of working when they want, while others would instead earn a regular paycheck and perks from an employer.

In this post, we look at 14 of the most popular remote jobs, discussing the work responsibilities and average wages associated with each position.

Most desirable work-from-home occupations

1. Self-employed translator

The average annual wage across the country is $38,798.

Translators’ main jobs are to change written words from one language to another. They can work as independent contractors or freelancers for businesses, people, and government agencies.

Most of the time, they do their work on a computer at home. Because they need specialized skills to translate text into less common languages, freelance translators can often make a lot of money.

2. Creator of visual works

The annual salary that is considered to be the national average is $50,420.

Graphic designers produce visual representations of ideas using computers or conventional mediums. They can work remotely to produce layouts, logos, typefaces, ads, and other design elements.

Graphic designers are frequently creative people that enjoy working in many styles and aesthetics so much as remote jobs.

3. Remote Job Tutors

An annual salary of $54,182 is considered to be the national average.

Primary duties of Remote Jobs:

Students of any age and in any field can benefit from the instruction provided by remote instructors in subjects ranging from English as a second language to biochemistry. They frequently interact with students from all around the world through video conferencing programs and pedagogical software like the Dojoit Online Whiteboard.

Tutors may choose to teach from a program or construct their own lessons. If you enjoy instructing others and need a job with adaptable hours, consider being a remote tutor.

4. Independent author

The average salary across the country is $54,927 a year.

Freelance writers’ primary responsibility is to provide original content for clients, tailoring their work to each individual’s preferences and the specifics of the project at hand. This can be any kind of writing, from technical to creative.

Anyone who has a knack for putting their thoughts into writing and enjoys working with others should look into finding freelance writing work they can do a REMOTE JOB.

5. Remote Job Accountant

The median annual income in the United States is $55,857.

Remote job Accountants’ primary responsibilities include reviewing and preparing financial records and papers for individuals, businesses, and organizations. They are also responsible for providing financial advice and determining whether or not a firm can remain financially viable by analyzing its budget and operating costs.

Accountants have the ability to work remotely in roles ranging from entry level to senior levels, and the profession has significant room for advancement.

People who are proficient in analytical thinking, arithmetic, and tax law have a better chance of finding success and financial rewards in the field of remote job accounting.

6. Remote Digital marketer

Average annual wage: $60,496.

The primary responsibilities of remote digital marketers include utilizing site content, email, and social media platforms to recruit customers for their clients. They frequently manage the entirety of an individual client’s online presence, which may include the client’s website, search engine rankings, blog, social media accounts, and advertising plan. Because of this, they are able to work remotely from any location so long as they have access to the internet.

Those who work in digital marketing acquire abilities that are scalable and may be put to use in either tiny firms or major corporations. People that are driven by their creativity and ambition have a great chance of succeeding in this line of work.

7. Operations manager remote job

Average annual wage: $63,543.

The primary responsibilities of a remote operations manager include oversight of human resources as well as other critical aspects of the organization, such as quality control and recruitment initiatives. A good number of these individuals are able to build and maintain organization within the administration and structure of a firm while working remotely.

Candidates that are results-oriented and great at managing their time would be ideal for the position of operations manager because these individuals work closely with employees in many areas of an organization.

8. Technician in technical support

The average salary across the country is $67,326 a year.

Technical support engineers assist clients in resolving IT difficulties and provide assistance for an organization’s IT infrastructure. Those interested in network systems, troubleshooting procedures, and operating systems may find this line of employment fascinating and satisfying.

Remote problem diagnosis requires great customer service and communication abilities.

9. Remote Sales Consultant

The average salary across the country is $71,495 a year.

Primary remote job duties:

Remote sales consultants study a company’s sales practices and make ideas for improvement, such as designing training programs for salespeople or developing a system for locating potential consumers.

Companies frequently use remote sales consultants, particularly those operating in specialist markets.

10. Remote medical writing jobs

The annual salary that is considered to be the national average is $71,625.

Remote medical writers develop extensive medical documents using their knowledge of clinical research methodologies.

Technical writers can work remotely as medical writers. Medical writing requires good communication, writing, and scientific skills.

11. Project manager remote job

An annual salary of $74,169 is considered to be the national average.

Project managers’ primary responsibility is to coordinate the various activities and steps required to achieve a common objective, regardless of the sector in which they work.

Web conferencing and scheduling software are common tools for these remote managers to utilize when assigning work, providing feedback to workers, tracking their progress, and evaluating the outcomes of their efforts.

They’re given a lot of freedom and independence, and there are plenty of chances for advancement.

12 Licensed practical nurse

The annual salary that is considered to be the national average is $79,163.

Registered nurses check on patients, give medical advice over the phone or via telemedicine apps, and prepare health plans.

Thanks to technological advances, nurses and other medical providers can now visit patients remotely. These nurses can earn extra money with overtime or home visits.

13. Programmer who works on applications

The median annual wage in the United States is $80,761.

Application developers’ main jobs are to design, code, test, and maintain software apps for phones, computers, and web browsers. They often work alone or in small groups, which lets them work from home in many cases.

App development is a fast-growing remote job that can be done from home and can offer extra benefits. Stock options or a share of the profits, in start-ups.

14. Programming remote jobs

The national average pay is $113,660 annually.

Software engineers’ main jobs are to make different kinds of software, from video games to network systems, based on what their clients want. The more they specialize in how they use computer science to solve problems, the more money they can make.

Software development is one of the most lucrative and in-demand remote occupations.


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