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Trademark Investigation in India and its Importance

Trademark Investigation in India and its Importance

Ever wondered what would happen if someone uses your brand name without you knowing about it? Have you contemplated upon the damage it might cause? If you have not, now is the time to start. Trademark Service: Thieves of intellectual properties are more active now than before. Like vultures, they are watching over your brand. Waiting for you to make a mistake, they sit tight. And when you do, they rush towards your brand and take it away. You have to keep these thieves at bay with the help of a trademark investigation.

What is trademark investigation?

The ‘act’ of running a background check on a brand name is called trademark investigation. It allows you to:

  • Find out the origins of a brand name.
  • Explore whether a trademark has registration.
  • Find the owner of an established brand.
  • And investigate if someone is infringing on your trademark.
  • The last point is the core reason behind the existence of trademark investigation. But is it important?

Importance of trademark investigation

Here are all the reasons that you should watch over your trademark with investigation;

Finding the value of your brand:

There are few who investigate their own symbol. But those who do, understand the worth behind it. By analyzing your brand, you can discern its market value. It can influence your decision to license your brand to another.

Finding those who seek to harm your brand:

The number of people who want to steal your brand is astonishing. Regardless of your symbol’s value, there are many who are fighting tooth and nail to get their hands on it. Investigators can help you find those individuals business.

Taking pre-emptive actions:

When you know about those who wish to bring harm to your trademark, you can stop them in their tracks. However, you need to take additional steps for analyzing the brand market to accomplish that.

Finding the brands that are available for purchase:

What if you want to add another jewel to your trademark? Would you merely go out there and purchase any trademark? Or would you first do your research? That is what symbol investigation brings to the table.

Finding out if someone is stealing your brand:

Without a thorough analysis, you can push your brand further towards success.

You need to clear the path for it to happen, and it can only happen if you have cleared all those who are violating your symbol rights. Brand analysis is one of the ways that businesses employ to accomplish that.


Trademark investigation is one of the most enigmatic concepts. Their importance is noteworthy, but the worth of that importance isn’t known to many. Therefore, this blog is our attempt to inform you how critical it is that you understand the value of conducting an inquiry into a brand name. Hopefully, you have realized that significance by now. Read More: Content Copyright

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